Project Description

An Epicor Partner is one of the most critical steps in developing an ERP solution for a business. Once a company begins looking at an Enterprise Resource Planning program, a key aspect becomes finding the right person for the job.

Finding the finest option for your business is one element, making sure it’s done correctly and properly is another. Whether it’s an Epicor Partner, or another software provider, doing it correctly the first time is essential. Rather than wasted time and unneeded headaches, acquiring the best people can be a challenge.

For Clients First, understanding what a firm goes through is our business. Learning what makes your business function is a massive requirement. Regardless of your particular industry, we’re tailored to what makes an enterprise tick and what it needs.

Every company seeking an ERP solution, has a degree of pain with their most prominent issues. This pain is a general indication as to the outcome you’re seeking and what can alleviate it. Determining this can be the most important aspect in developing your company the way you desire. All of which ties back to your forthcoming solution.

Whatever one is looking for to implement within their business, our consultants are geared towards your needs. From updating their existing system to an installation of their latest release, every option is prepared for. Any questions that come along will be answered, allowing for a smooth transition for the organization. Even after the installation is completed, the service continues.

In some cases, we’ve seen, an organization has purchased an ERP system and installed with an alternative provider. For them, the resulting aftermath can be determinantal to a firm that had placed so much emphasis on implementation. As a result, ascertaining the issues with the system and correcting them becomes our primary goal in these cases.

Whether you need on-site support or remote viewing to address your concerns, our team is set to resolve any issues. As upgrades become available for your software, you’ll be informed and prepared for all of them. Training for any such changes will be available at the client’s request, depending on their requirements.

As a member of the Epicor Partners Association, Clients First is set towards providing the best customer service possible. Regardless of what is needed or required, we go beyond the norm to achieve our results. Our solutions are not for that final sale, they’re for your future.