Project Description

Providing Epicor Help is an essential aspect to the process of ERP installation. Securing the right software is one thing, having the best team in place to support you is another.

Finding the perfect Enterprise Resource Planning program is the first part of a much larger process. Often, companies are unsure of what kind of assistance they require and what benefits such advice could provide. Understanding this from the start can better prepare someone for the challenges of said product. In these cases, providing something like Epicor Help can be the critical factor in the software’s success.

At Clients First, understanding what makes a solution the best for a business is one of our core ideals. In determining the options available, our staff look at the level of help an organization requires. Knowing that such a process isn’t easy, our goal becomes creating the best possible help for your software.

With our consultants, it’s possible to go beyond the basics of a business towards something deeper. Our goal is to learn about everything that makes your company its own. By analyzing these often-overlooked factors, one can better understand where needs are being met and what can be improved. It also allows for us to gauge what kind of software would be the best for you.

During the implementation, one of the most important aspects becomes the training of staff in all things ERP-related. Having a structure to the installation requires employees being prepared for the transition from the ground up. Making sure everyone can use the software as its developed is the principal requirement for this key stage.

Even after the software is fully implemented, sustaining it and making improvements are imperative. Like any modern technology, ERP software products are upgraded over time to better benefit users with a superior product. Whether it’s a patch, or a completely new version, our support staff will be fully ready to answer all questions. Providing training, or any further information, related to these changes as they come along.

Asking for help is one of the most difficult elements in any business situation, providing it effectively is different. Understanding what makes up today’s software solutions and what businesses are looking for have been our most critical ideals. Whether Epicor Help, or for another solution, Clients First is dedicated towards providing the best possible support for your company.