Project Description

Epicor ERP is a brand of Enterprise Resource Planning software developed by the Texas-based firm of the same name. Founded in 1972, its products have become a staple in various industries, while providing quality solutions for clients.

Having a company with a long life-span is often seen as an important element when looking for the best possible provider. Years of experience and product expansion demonstrate an understanding of keeping up with the customer and their needs. This creates the best mindset for any potential clients as the Epicor ERP product line has proven.

As a dedicated provider, Clients First understands the various software solutions available for businesses. Understanding the needs of one’s company is not only critical, but essential to our practice. Determining what makes a solution work for your goals becomes part of our overarching ideal.

For example, in their latest version 10.2, one can oversee their internal processes on their mobile devices, away from the office. All of which goes towards a better simplification of their business needs.

Included is Epicor Payment Exchange, which can allow for better credit and debit processing across different exchanges. The product is also specified for the world of global finance with country-specific localizations geared to individual laws. Featuring options for different time zones, data retrieval and customization, the firm stands poised to continue expanding forward.

In addition to their latest version, the company has also integrated outside third parties into their existing infrastructure. For many years Docstar, a document and enterprise content management software producer, existed as just one of many competitors. In 2017, this changed when the firm was acquired by Epicor and merged with their ERP options. This acquisition has proven a great strength to their ongoing product line.

Increasingly, businesses are getting buried by higher amounts of data as their operations expand while growing. Managing streams of information can be a challenge for an ever-expanding company. Soon, it becomes easy to search for, and collect, any specific documents with ease.

In a world where documents and records must be instantly accessible, it’s the choice between success and failure. Epicor’s ERP software is developed for the enterprise with an ever-mounting data selection.