Project Description

Epicor consulting is one of the most important elements of a successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. With the guidance of a consultant, the benefits of this transformation will be realized.

Finding a solution is one aspect, determining who’s the best to help implement is another. It’s common in these situations for companies to look for the less time-consuming option. Many see this as critical and want the quickest solution. However, to do the job desired, an ERP consultant must be geared for the long-term. For many, an onsite Epicor consultant is exactly what’s needed.

Our Clients First consultants have learned much about ERP software by implementing them for various businesses over the years. For us, selling something like Epicor is not the base of our process, it’s only the beginning.

For our firm, maintaining the best consultants is an absolute ideal with our practice. All team-members have more than ten years of experience with ERP programs each. Our staff have passed the latest Epicor certification exams, requiring 80 hours of training per year. Being fully committed to your needs is not only essential, but indispensable.

As data increases, many firms become overwhelmed, unable to keep up with the flow. In a period when daily access to information is critical for businesses, having a system in place becomes a necessity.

Prioritizing their continued product development, Epicor has released several options for the modern company. Based around simplifying an organization, this software is made for the growing enterprise.

By learning about your firm and how it operates, our consultants begin to understand what critical elements are for your future. Rather than looking at another sale, our ideal is the best plan and structure for the ERP. In this aspect, we see the organization itself, its goals and what can be beneficial.

It’s difficult for a company to be analyzed, some see it as unrelated to the process of software selection.

Even after all is installed, our consultants are geared towards anything that may arise over time. Not simply another solution, but how to improve with each passing year and gearing changes with your goals.

As you move, Clients First will be there, consulting on anything that affects your firm. With Epicor consulting, gearing you towards goals will be first and foremost in our minds.