Uniting Power BI and Dynamics NAV with ODATA Queries


As data continues to build for companies, managing it, and making sense of the information, can have the biggest impact on your business decisions. Why Power BI Matters With the expansion of Business Intelligence, various firms have created their own options to assist organizations. Microsoft’s Power BI has allowed many companies to [...]

How Sales Tax Can Impact Your Distribution Business


When it comes to taxes, your organization has a lot to deal with, both internally and externally. According to a recent study by the Wakefield Group, 75% of business accounting professionals admit that any audits would reveal major tax mistakes. The more your company grows and expands, the likelier that newer taxes will become pressing. [...]

What’s New In Dynamics 365 Business Central’s 2019 Wave 2 Release


As Business Central continues to expand, users will find many new benefits to help improve their organizational needs. In a recent announcement, Microsoft has unveiled their Wave 2 plan which includes new features and capabilities to be released from October 2019 through March 2020. Cancel Issue Reminders and Finance Charge Memos When working on End-Of-Month [...]

Smart Technology For Distribution Companies


In today's tech-obsessed world, "smart warehouse" may seem like just another buzzword. We're already used to smartphones and other types of smart technology in our everyday lives, so it's natural to wonder what smart technology can do for businesses, including distribution companies. The reality is that smart warehouse technology is already making a significant difference [...]

Distributor Opportunities for Growth


Moving products between manufacturers and end users seem straightforward in theory but it is complicated in practice. Industry disruptions have rocked distribution and wholesale organizations. The past decade has seen technology lampoon established business-as-usual norms across the distribution supply chain. The result has been thinning margins as distributors — once the bedrock of B2B transport, [...]

How Your SAP Business One Experience Is Improved By Crystal Reports


The Impact of Business Intelligence In recent years, more firms are trying to take advantage of the mounting data they’ve acquired. As a result, it’s often hard to make sense of everything to make critical decisions and improve upon your existing development. Eventually many companies find themselves at a continuous disadvantage as their information fails [...]

Tax Compliance Done Right


Tax compliance is a major component in every business’s operations. Achieving this can often be a challenge, even for the most well-developed and versatile organization. Why Care About Tax Compliance? In truth, many firms have been misinformed about tax compliance rules, ignoring critical ones that could directly affect them. Some argue they’re “too small,” have “tax-exempt” [...]

How Artificial Intelligence in Dynamics 365 Business Central Strengthens Firms


In recent years, more businesses have heard about the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide to their organization. While many are skeptical as to the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, it’s importance is becoming more prominent. According to a recent study, by 2030, 14% of the world’s GDP will be powered by AI. Over $15.7 trillion [...]