ERP Cloud Vendors are appearing almost daily, how to choose?

There are now probably 25+ viable vendors who sell their software ‘in the cloud’ and who claim to be ERP Cloud Vendors.  Now the terminology can be confusing and I wrote about what each means here.

ERP Cloud Vendor – Which to look at?  My personal opinion is you really want to look at ERP Cloud Vendor solutions that are built as true ‘multi-tenant’ models.  This means that one instance of the software can host multiple customers.  There is a reason why a dedicated web server hosting is $100+/month and a ‘web site’ hosting service is $7/month or so.  This is because one server can host 100 or more websites, but a dedicated server, can only support one customer.

Many traditional premise based solutions from the big players like Sage, SAP or Microsoft, can be ‘hosted’ and can even be purchased in the ‘monthly per user per month’ pricing model.  However, only a handful are true multi-tenant and not some premise solution just running on a remote server.

At Clients First, virtually all of the solutions we sell can be purchased in a ‘saas’ model and we have clients on nearly all products running ‘in the cloud.’  However, relative to customers looking for the true economies of scale benefits of Multi-Tenant, we generally recommend either SAP Business By Design or Epicor Express as the ERP Cloud Vendor of choice.  Epicor Express being stronger for manufacturer’s and Business By Design stronger for distributors and professional services companies.

Epicor can be accessed through a browser, although most will use the ‘smart client’ to gain full functionality.  SAP Business ByDesign is 100% browser based for all functionality and is setup for rapid implementation.

Here is a non-exhaustive list I pulled from a nice post to the VAR community at Salesworks

Net Suite




Everest Software

Glovia on Demand

Infor Syteline

Plex Systems







OnDemand ERP






ERP Cloud Vendors – Want to know more?

Give us a call at 866-677-6290 to find out more about the Cloud and SaaS solutions we offer from the various major vendors.  We can make it easier to choose which ERP Cloud Vendor is the right one for you as there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this.