Phone, internet and remote support for Epicor ERP Software

Epicor 9 ERP, Vantage and Vista Support from Clients First is delivered with Reliability and Responsiveness

One of the most important things to look for in an Epicor 9 business partner is support after buying the product. It has always been a philosophy at Clients First Business Solutions which has granted us extremely high client retention.

If you originally purchased and/or implemented Epicor 9 directly from Epicor Corporation, we can still be available to help you get the most out of your system.  Your annual maintenance and support plan with Epicor covers traditional telephone support, but we are available to help with business and process improvement, assist with implementing both existing new modules, can create Business Process Management (BPM) functions as well as use Service Connect to assist with integrating Epicor 9 into any of your external sources.  As a matter of fact, we find most companies do not use much of the functionality they have to maximize the strategic benefit to their organization.  Let us be your consultants and discover how much power is in the Epicor solution.
Epicor  support requires a team of dedicated Certified Epicor Consultants. Epicor ERP 9 is a comprehensive ERP software that needs professional support. It is recommended to seek expert support from experienced Epicor Consultants which Clients First can provide.  At Clients First Business Solutions, we require our technicians to not only be certified on Epicor 9, but also to be or have access to Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MSCE’s). This provides our clients with a comfort level unsurpassed in the industry. This means that if your Epicor 9 accounting software is having issues, we can fully troubleshoot the problem, even if it is related to your network, infrastructure and hardware. Many other Epicor support organizations only require Epicor ERP certifications, which leaves them at a loss when the issues are related to hardware and network problems.
We can also assist with related areas such as customization, training, documentation, report writing etc.
Having a “customer mindset” sets CFBS apart from our competitors. Although Clients First is constantly growing and becoming one of the largest Epicor Partners in the United States, we still maintain the “small company mentality” which is another reason we have never lost an Epicor client.
Clients First has many Epicor Enterprise Support plans for our valued clients.  Please contact us for more details.

Remote Help Desk Support and Consulting

At Clients First, we go to great lengths to ensure we keep up with latest technology in order to support our clients better. Clients First can save our clients thousands of dollars by using remote technology to allow us to work side by side with you anywhere in the world.  We even have the option to see each other via real time video technology to personalize the experience and make sure nothing is lost in the communication process.
This also avoids waiting for a technician to arrive at your office and paying for travel time. Just a simple click on our website, and a technician is working on your computer as if he/she was sitting right there.

Free Video Training and Demos

We have dozens of training videos covering all areas such as Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Order Entry, CRM, Purchasing, Financials, and Service.  Our site at is the most comprehensive place anywhere for these training and demonstration videos.


The bottom line… If you are looking for Epicor 9 support, assistance and implementation, then Clients First Business Solutions is the only call you need to make.
If you would like to request more information about Epicor, please just click on the chat button below.