Here is the latest versions for Epicor 9.05.7xx.  This Guide describes the Hardware, Operating System and Database Recommendations

Use this guide to figure out what type of hardware to obtain for your upcoming Epicor installation.  The guide also talks about virtualization but Epicor takes a ‘not warranted’ type of approach to this issue, but yet still supports it.

Our Clients First Technology Solutions unit can help you with any acquisition, configuration, installation & setup of hardware if you so wish.  Our team is familiar with the unique complexities of the multi-tier architecture and how certain configurations can provide for significantly better performance than others.

Remember there are multiple ‘moving parts’ in a full Epicor Deployment.  Components such as:

  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server or Progress Database Server
  • Progress/Epicor Application Server
  • Web Client Server
  • Possible servers for 3rd party components such as ecommerce, shipping, EPM (Epicor Performance Management), Crystal Reports Server, XL Connect etc
  • Enterprise Search Server
  • Possible Terminal Server(s)

So as you can see, the configuration and installation shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want everything working reliably and at peak performance.  Also, check out our demonstration of our Disaster Recovery solution to ensure if you do suffer a hardware failure, you can continue operating with no downtime.  Given the number of moving parts, a Disaster Recovery solution will allow you to stay running much faster than the time it would take to reinstall all these components, patches and data.

Epicor 9.05.7xx Hardware Sizing Guide by