This is the official name for Epicor’s new version being released. This new version is being billed as better, faster and easier. The version is based on 5 Principles. These 5 Principles are Collaboration, Choice, Responsiveness, Simplicity and Mobility.
The collaboration principle incorporates Social Enterprise, Commerce Connect and ERP for everyone. Some specific points are for it to exceed customer expectations, traceability and linking business processes directly with value chains. The Choice principle involves the Cloud, Virtualization, and on premises. A few ideas to point out are on premises to Cloud (SaaS), stronger support for virtualization, and fast deployment/upgrade. The Responsiveness principle involves performance, install/upgrade, and ease of use. Key aspects would be elevated end-user expectations, speed and agility. The Simplicity Principle features the pure “Microsoft stac”k, Graphical BPM (Business Process Modeler) and User Interface. Certain characteristics are the elimination of complexity, audit trails, and reporting. Finally the Mobility Principle focuses on Fluid User Interface, Touch Enablement, and Web UI. This brings desktop independence, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support and real time responsiveness. For example, you can completely running Epicor ERP Version 10 (E10) on desktops, tables (Windows 8, Android & iPad) as well as phones (Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone and Andoird). You can even run it using an Apple Macintosh.
There are many new features in the Epicor ERP Version 10. One feature enhanced is the search capability such as the ability to ‘auto fill’ as you type in fields Also, Enterprise search is now incorporated into the solutionand no longer an add-on. The user does have the option of using the new interface “look” or staying with the classic interface.
Technology has also changed with Epicor ERP Version 10. They have simplified the stack to improve efficiency. ERP10 now consists of the client form, Microsoft IIS, and SQL Server. This is about 75% less ‘moving parts’ than Epicor ERP Version 9. For an environment with up to 200 concurrent users, Epicor ERP Version 10 can use a single machine configuration.
Overall, Epicor ERP 10 has improved operations, simplified deployment, and very easy migration. The server code has been migrated from ABL to C#. The applications are hosted in IIS and new data migration framework. Further, Progress-based stack components have been replaced with the Microsoft .NET framework. All base reports will be delivered only in SQL Server Reporting Services, but Crystal Reports will still continue to be supported in the ICE Framework.
This will make Epicor ERP Version 10 one of the few ERP applications (heck, even any application) that is actually leaner, faster and simpler than the prior version by an order of magnitude.
See a  video demo and overview of Epicor ERP Version 10 (Epicor 10 or E10 ) here:
Epicor ERP 10 Demo Video