Configure to Order and Engineer to Order Solutions with Epicor

Epicor stands with very small company in its ability to allow a customized series of questions to be asked of a user in various places of the system and based on those answers, to be able to automatically build a bill of materials, a routing (known as a Method of Manufacturing in Epicor) along with costing, selling price and even the creation of new ‘smart part’ numbers and item records.


To take it to the next level, Epicor is unique without moving up to ‘tier 1’ ERP systems like SAP or Oracle in its ability to allow the same configurator to be exposed in its integrated ecommerce shopping cart to prospects and customers as well.  Customers can configure a product on the web and then an Epicor user can look at and even make changes to that configuration in the office.  Those changes are reflected back on the ecommerce site in real time since it’s the same configuration engine for both.


Epicor 10 (and 9 or 8) even allows some of the data and lookup information to reside in Excel for fast easy to use maintenance of complex lookup tables when needed.

Key Features:

  • Configurations can be tied to specific revisions so historical auditing and accuracy can be maintained for past revisions.
  • A Screen Input Builder lets you custom design the layout of your screens to your specific requirements
  • Dynamics and Conditional lists…List choices presented can be based on the choices made in prior selections.  For example, you don’t offer a second hard drive option for a laptop if the customer has already chosen a Blu-Ray drive
  • Smart Part Number generator – Create a part number that employees can look at and figure out exactly what the specifications on the associated complete product are such as W-32-48-M for White, 32” wide, 48” high Mahogany Window.
  • Capable to Promise – The ability to offer users of the configurator the date the configured item could be completed by based on existing shop load and material availability and projections
  • Configured parts within configured parts.  You can have nested configurators call another configurator for components when applicable.  It can even be setup to be built within another company in Epicor
  • Parametric Configuration – With the optional ConfiguratorLink component, you can have the configurator create 3d rendered models such as kitchen cabinets etc.  You get full CAD ready design documents with supporting methods of manufacturing in Epicor.

Clients First is one of the few Epicor resources with extensive experience in helping clients build configurations or training your internal staff to do so.  Hit the chat button below to find out more.