e-Commerce for Navision, powered by ExpandIT, allows for online retail to anybody at anytime no matter where they are located. Our solutions provide for both Business to Business and Business to Consumer eCommerce.

eCommerce has become one of the most prevalent ways to do business today.  If you have a product that can be sold on the web, chances are you either have an existing web storefront or are considering creating one.  There are many factors beyond a good looking and friendly site to consider before selecting a solution.  These choices can make the difference between just saying you have an eCommerce site and actually generating substantial new business from it.  Clients First Business Solutions will make sure you make the right e-Commerce for Navision decisions.

The four major keys to a successful e-Commerce Navision Solution

The first is an easy to use customer interface while at the same time being easy and fast to customize and update the storefront as your marketing needs change.

The second is transaction efficiency.  Not just efficient for a customer to use, but making sure the transactions flow bidirectional between Navision and the eCommerce solution avoiding errors or any rekeying of information.

The third point is that the solution needs to allow you to sell to anyone anywhere at any time.  This means to take the old adage “always take the order” seriously and never have something like internal Navision maintenance or local Internet issues prevent you from presenting a professional responsive website to your customers.

The fourth, and possibly most important element, especially for Business to Consumer e-Commerce, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  If your products and site aren’t found by customers who are looking for the things you sell, than you might as well not have a site.  Would a Starbucks be located on a 3rd floor walk-up in an apartment building?  No, they are almost always located on a corner with at least two separate sides facing two major roads or parking lots.    This is how you need to think about e-Commerce.  At Clients First, we employ some of the world’s most proven and successful SEO consultants available.  You reading this right now is proof of that.

You can decide how much you want to be involved in your Navision e-Commerce project.   Simple template designs and a Navision ready structure make our e-Commerce solutions fast and easy to implement and maintain.  The development environment makes it easy for you to make the changes to your solution as needed.  At the same time we can provide full ‘white glove’  Navision support where we take care of almost all the details for you if you don’t have the expertise or capacity in house.

Your solution also needs to work within your unique business processes.  We work with you to design and implement a solution designed to manage your specific requirements such as credit cards, complex pricing needs, specialized inventory, including kits and configurations, as well as suggested selling such as cross-sell and up-sell.  Because our Navision E-commerce Solution is fully integrated with your Navision solution, it will follow the business requirements you already have developed.

Our solutions have 24×7 anytime anywhere access.  They can include Business to Business portals and at the same time have a real-time synchronized interface with Navision to always have the most updated pricing, inventory availability, client specific discounts, VAT, sales and other taxes and fees.  This synchronization logic ensures that if your local Navision server is down for maintenance the e-Commerce site can still take the orders.

Extend your Navision solution to your customers.  Clients First works closely with the top e-Commerce solutions to extend the value of your Navision e-Commerce solution.  Our solutions are powered by ExpandIT, the leader in out of the box e-Commerce for Navision.