If you are planning to hire a company to provide Navision Support Solutions for your business systems whether a fresh installation or an existing system, you will need to investigate a few issues before deciding which company to hire.

Verify that the Navision Support Solutions Company offers a fixed price for upgrades: Does the company you are planning to hire guarantee a fixed priced upgrade of your Navision implementation? Do they offer to upgrade your implementation to the latest Navision version for a fixed price? Make sure the company is charging a reasonable amount for a genuine, trouble-free installation and has an effective helpdesk to resolve any issues you may have.  Remember, however, a fixed price can only be done if a detailed pre-upgrade analysis and usually doesn’t include training as different people learn at different rates.

Also find out what kinds of services are offered by your Navision Support Solutions Company. Do they offer Fixed Cost Upgrade, Fixed Cost Support and Discounted License Upgrades that may be Microsoft Promotions? Find out if possible about their internal systems. Who are their clients? A set of happy and satisfied clients makes the best testimonial. If possible, do try speaking to a few of them over the phone or writing. Feedback from a client is always the best recommendation before finally deciding to hire a Navision Support Solutions Company for your business.

How will problems be addressed? Who mans the customer support desk? How prompt are they with their response? An efficient help desk is crucial. New software usually requires more support in the beginning and if poor support stops or slows down operations and other functions, it could result in a lot of time wasted. A professional Navision Support Solutions Company will always try to avoid and minimise any stoppages. Check them out thoroughly before hiring them. Since you are going to pay for the services, you might as well get a good job done.