How to Use the Dynamics NAV (Navision) RTC to your best advantage

Dynamics NAV 2009 now offers the Role Tailored Client (RTC) as the new client or user interface. This will be the only available client in the coming versions of Dynamics NAV. Since this user interface is still quite new, it is not always easy to find your way around. This blog is created to show some of the new features in Dynamics NAV 2009 that will make our life easier.

Filtered Lists in Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC

You may have already noticed the different lists that are available for sales orders. You can select between viewing all sales orders, sales orders that are shipped, but not invoiced only, open sales orders, and other filter criteria. These filtered lists are nice but wouldn’t it be good if we can create our own filtered lists as well and save them? This functionality is especially useful if you work with the same filter all the time. For instance, are you are a purchaser that only purchases raw materials and you would like to only see items that are raw materials? In this case, you can just filter the standard item list and then save the filters as shown below. Any changes you make as described here are only for you and not for all users of the system.

Creating a filtered list

1. Open a list and enter a filter or multiple filters. In this example, we have filtered the item card on items that have the Inventory Posting Group “RAW MATERIAL” and that have a vendor defined as the primary vendor.


2. To save the list, click on the name of the list (in our example “Items”) and then select “Save View as”.


3. Define a name and select the Action Group the new list should be saved in.


4. After clicking OK, the new filtered view has been saved and the application has to be restarted.


5. After restarting the client, the view is available from the homepage.


Removing a filtered list

1. Right click on one of the navigation pane items and select “Customize Navigation Pane” from the menu.


2. Select the list you want to delete in the Lists part of the “Customize Navigation Pane” window. Then click on Remove.


3. Once you clicked OK, the client has to be restarted. After the restart the list is removed from the Navigation Pane.


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