Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 features a powerful workflow capability that allows companies to mirror their business processes in the system and then automate those processes.
Here are a few examples of workflow templates that come with Dynamics AX (Formerlly Axapta) 2009 and how you can use them to automate and control your processes.
Purchase Requisition Approval
Tom works in the quality department of his company and needs a new test instrument.  His user role in Dynamics AX 2009 does not allow him to create purchase orders but he can create requisitions.  So, he creates a requisition for the test instrument that he needs.
This event triggers a workflow in Dynamics AX 2009 and his requisition is now visible to Joan who is the purchasing manager.  Joan now has Tom’s requisition in her work list on her Dynamics AX 2009 page.
Here is a sample screen shot that shows two approvals needed in the Work list section.
AX Workflow
Joan can now open the item and review Tom’s requisition.  She can reject it, make comments and send it back to Tom for him to make changes, approve it, etc.
All of this happens using workflows and it all happens automatically which saves everyone involved a great deal of time and makes sure that the purchase process is under control.
Employee Expense Approval
As an example of another situation where Dynamics AX 2009 workflows can help companies automate and control their processes, consider employee expense approval.  Robert is a direct sales person for the company and Diane is his manager,
Robert incurs travel expenses related to his sales activities and at the end of each day, he logs into Dynamics AX 2009 through his enterprise portal role.  He enters his expenses, and attaches copies of his receipts.  When he is done, the workflow kicks off and sends Diane an instant notification that Robert has entered expenses.
Diane now has an action item – Robert’s expenses – that she needs to take action on.  She can approve them, edit them, reject them, or send them back to Robert for further work if needed.
In this scenario, Dynamics AX 2009 has given the company the ability to seamlessly enter and control employee expenses
Dynamics AX 2009 comes with several workflow templates and configurations.  Keep in mind that these are easily modifiable as well – allowing each company to tailor the workflows to their needs.
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