Dynamics AX 2009’ technology provides the capability for users to modify screens easily in Dynamics AX 2009 to meet their requirements and make their jobs easier to perform and data entry much more efficient.
Here is a screenshot of a standard Dynamics AX 2009 customer record screen, showing the general tab:
AX Morphx_2
The user may find that many of the fields are not needed in this form and that navigating between the needed fields is time-consuming.
This is not a problem because Dynamics AX 2009’s technology makes is a simple matter to change the look of this form (and any other forms) to meet the user’s needs.
The user can right click on an unneeded field, or field group, and one of the options includes “hide” as shown below.  Now the user can go through the form and hide any fields or groups that the user does not need.
AX Morphx_1
Here is the same form, after the user has spent some time re-organizing it:
AX Morphx_3
Notice that numerous fields been hidden and that the landscape that the hidden fields used to take up has been automatically rearranged as well.  By the way, this change took less than 2 minutes to make.  Now the user only sees what needs to be seen, thus speeding up data entry.
Keep in mind that access to this functionality is permissions-controlled and that changes made can be done for individual users or system wide.
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