Microsoft Dynamics AX – Rapid Reporting and Views

Microsoft Dynamics AX – A Wealth of Information at your fingertips

Microsoft Dynamics AX, like other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, contains a wealth of data and information that decision makers in the organization need to access in order to be as informed as possible about their company’s current state and to enable a proactive approach to managing the business.
Many ERP systems require individuals to navigate through various modules and menus to get to the data in the system relevant to the information they need or tasks they need to perform.  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 provides users with a Role center to streamline and enhance the user experience.

Dynamics AX- Executive Information and Dashboards on Demand

The CEO in an organization needs real time access to financial information in the system.  This executive may also be monitoring other key business indicators, generating reports and performing specific tasks in the system.  Dynamics AX 2009 provides the CEO with a single screen from which all of a user’s systems interaction are collected.
The Role Center defines typical users activities based on the functions they perform and puts all of these functions and tasks into a “user role”.
Here is a screen shot for a typical CEO’s Role:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Role Based Interface

Notice that identified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), delivery statistics, cash flow analysis and a variety of reports are readily available to the CEO.  It is a simple exercise to add or change content in each of the user roles.
Next is a screenshot for an Accounts Receivable person’s role.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Role Center

Notice that this person has ready access to tasks, reports, a to-do list, etc.  With some careful thought in setting up each person’s Role Center screen – all users in the organization are one or two clicks away from getting at the information they need and getting their work done in much less time.

Microsoft Dynamics AX – Ready to ‘Role’ out of the box

Dynamics AX 2009 comes with many roles preconfigured with the tasks, links, KPIs, etc., that are relevant to those roles.  Keep in mind that these are easily modifiable as well – making each user’s experience custom-made for that user’s exact needs.
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