by:  Donald Clark CFPIM, CSCP
Companies in the food and beverage industry have software needs that are unlike those found in other manufacturing companies.  One of these needs is managing their formulas and recipes.
Many times when we talk to prospects that produce food products, we hear the same thing about how they manage formulas and recipes – they do it outside of their systems in Excel or they use work-around’s in their ERP systems.  The fact is that traditional ERP does not provide the necessary tools to properly manage formulas or recipes. they are based on discrete models for product definitions and do not handle well products that are based on percentages like those in the food and beverage industry.
The Dynamics AX 2009 Food and Beverage Solution provides users with the ability to define their products whose components, or ingredients, are percentage-based.  Some of the features in the solution include:

  • Formulation by percentages
  • Yield definition and tracking at the ingredient level
  • Ability to globally change ingredients or percentages
  • Capability to define co- and by-products
  • Security control that permits only authorized users to make changes

All of these capabilities deliver a much better way for food and beverage producers to define their products accurately and manage those definitions more easily and effectively.  So why are you still using those spreadsheets when there is a much better way?
If you are interested in discussing formula or recipe management, or other food and beverage specific issues, with us then go ahead and give us a call at 888-222-8827.  We can show you how the Dynamics AX 2009 Food and Beverage Solution can help solve your issues effectively.
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