by:  Donald Clark CFPIM, CSCP
I worked with a company once who had an interesting problem.  They are a frozen foods distributor selling into institutions like schools and hospitals.  A product they sell a great deal is frozen chicken breasts that come in large cases.   Managing a seemingly simple product like this actually caused them a great deal of trouble.
The trouble came from the fact that they bought and sold the chicken in cases, yet the product itself was costed and valued in pounds.  When purchased or sold, users needed to track, offline in Excel, the associated number of pounds per case.  This was a time-consuming and inefficient process for them,
What this company needed was a way to track two different units of measure.  As it turns out, there is a solution.  The Dynamics AX 2009 Food and Beverage Solution provides a host of functionality that makes the lives of people in the industry much easier.  One of these capabilities is catch weight management.
The catch weight solution allows users to track and manage multiple inventory units of measure at the same time, thus eliminating the headache created by off-line or manual methods.  Catch weight functionality lets users transact inventory by either of the defined unit of measure.  So, in the case of the chicken breast distributor, each case has a weight associated with it and when they sell cases, the system automatically knows the total pounds and, therefore, value sold.
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