Companies often times experience the need to figure out what changed in one of their records, who changed it and when.  This can be a laborious, even impossible, task in many systems.  Dynamics AX 2009 , through its audit trail capability, enables companies to automatically track changes made in the system and quickly identify who did it and when.
Setting up the audit trails is straightforward.  The company simply needs to determine which records – item master, general ledger, sales order, etc., to track in the database log.  Then it is a matter of deciding what types of changes to track – additions, deletions, numerical changes – and the company is all setup and ready to track.
Here is a sample database log that shows changes made to a sales order in Dynamics AX 2009:
AX Audit Trail
Note that Dynamics AX shows not only who made the change and when but also exactly what was changed.  Users have the added benefit of being able to see the previous values as well.  In this case, the user changed to Sales Price to $425.00.
The audit trail functionality in Dynamics AX 2009 enables companies to identify the user who made any change in the system (for those events the company has decided to track).  This builds traceability and accountability in a seamless, automatic way.
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