How Do Dimension Priorities Work

Here’s how dimension priorities work.  Depending on what is chosen in your design for the use of dimensions, an entry can have more than one suggested dimension when you post it.  If this happens, Microsoft Dynamics NAV needs a way to figure out how to break a ‘tie’ like this and that’s where dimension priorities come in.




Configuring Dimensions is done by the Default Dimension Priorities setup.  If yo don’t setup a priority, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will simply select the dimension from the lowest numbered Table ID which isn’t a very scientific way to do things.  This is why you should take the time and set it up the way that’s relevant to your business.  If you need help with this, of course our experts at Clients First would be happy to help you.

One sure way to avoid needing to do this at all is to think through your dimension strategy carefully before you commit to it. For example, if you define region as a dimension on both your item master card and customer master card and you assign an item and customer different default dimensions, what will happen when you post an Invoice?  You will get a conflict where the system needs to make a choice.  Think through your strategy and I’m sure you can make sure that region only corresponds to customer and use a different dimension for items.  By doing this, you will have the system setup to not have to deal with a conflict in the first place.

Hopefully this all makes sense as Dimensions is one of the most powerful capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Formally Navision)