Listed below are the step for converting from FAS 50 to MAS FAS.  To go from FAS 100 to MAS FAS, the steps are the same; you will just back up on FAS 100 and run the restore in MAS FAS and restore to a database you create with that program. It works the same, you just have to Launch MAS FAS from within MAS (like usual) and follow the commands from there.

Subject: How to Migrate – Single User to Single User

In FAS Asset Accounting:

  1. In the original FAS Asset Accounting program, backup the database (Do this once for each database).
    1. Go to: File | Company Utilities | Backup Company.
    2. Choose a database from the pull down menu.
    3. Choose Select All.
    4. Select location to save the backup file.
    5. Specify a name for the backup file in the file name field (Suggest to use the name of the database).
    6. Click Backup.  Copy the backup file(s) to the new machine.
  2. Install the FAS Asset Accounting program on the new computer.
  3. Create a new database (Do this once for each backup file). In FAS Asset Accounting:
    1. Go to: File | Database List Manager.
    2. Select New Database.
    3. Choose location where keep the databases (This location must be on a local hard drive.
    4. Enter the Physical Database Name (Suggest to use the same name as the original database).
    5. Enter a Logical Database Name (when this field is selected, the physical database name is automatically copied into this field.)
    6. Select OK.
  4. Restore the backup(s). (Do this once for each backup file):
    1. Go to: File | Company Utilities | Restore Company.
    2. Choose a backup file (*.BBK file) to restore | Press Next.
    3. Select one of the newly created databases to restore the company or companies into | Click Next.
    4. Select desired purge option.
      NOTE: Purging the history has the advantage of speeding up data access performance.  While this is the suggested method, be aware that purging the history will remove depreciation event entries under the History tab of assets.
    5. Press Restore.