An important part of being a good reseller lies in the skill set of its consultants.  The management and consulting teams at Clients First Business Solutions are true believers in the value of education and prove it by continually honing their knowledge and skill sets
We stay current on Microsoft Dynamics and Sage Software product releases and prove it by maintaining current certifications on these products.  Microsoft and Sage alike develop these certification exams that test for not only competency, but also mastery of their software.  When a new product or version is released, we study it, practice it, and then prove our knowledge through certification.  In this way, our clients are assured that we possess the knowledge and skills that help us deliver the latest and greatest products.
Beyond the wide range of software certifications that we pursue and hold, we also embark on educational activities that improve our project management, communication skills, and team building.  We do this because we believe that developing these “soft” skills is as important as our technical skill development.  This approach brings balance to us individually and as a team.
We spend the time and money in education for our people because we know that the better we are as a group, the more value we can add for our clients.  Let us show you how our approach to continuous education translates into a real benefit to you – our clients.