Cloud ERP Comparison for the Mid-Market: 9 Criteria for Finding the Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Your Business

Your business is in growth mode, and your accounting software or outdated legacy system can no longer keep up with the number of customers, transactions, inventory, and sales you have – now what?   It’s common knowledge that the next step up from an accounting solution is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Depending on how familiar you … Continued

SAP Business One Reaches Major Milestone

SAP Business One, the comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite, has just reached a major milestone, surpassing 60,000 customers worldwide. This makes Business One the most popular of SAP’s current product lineup. In context, over 1,000,000 users from 60,000 firms in 170 countries are currently running B1. As the user base grows, SAP continues to … Continued

Free Copy of SAP Business One To Go for Version 8.8 Available

Free Copy of SAP Business One To Go for Version 8.8 Available We’ve just uploaded the latest version of the always excellent SAP Business One To Go document for version 8.81  This includes all of the latest capabilities and new functions.  You can think of this as the comprehensive product manual that doesn’t really exist … Continued

Auto Numbering Of SAP Business One Master Files

Auto Numbering Of SAP Business One Master Files In version 8.82, you are now able to auto number Master files – Customer, Vendor and Items. The screenshots below, display how to setup auto number for Customers. The same would also apply for vendors and items. To Start: Go to – Administration -> System Initialization -> … Continued

User Defined Prompts in SAP Business One Queries

Customizing the prompts in Business One Queries SAP Business one provides a powerful way to prompt users for parameters when running a query you define.  One tip is the ability to change the name of prompting text from the default to something more meaningful. This method, gives you the ability to define any table/field combination … Continued

SAP Business One Common Table Names and Queries

/* Business Partners */ SELECT * FROM OCRD /* Chart of Accounts */ SELECT * FROM OACT /* Item Master */ SELECT * FROM OITM /* Terms Codes */ SELECT * FROM OCTG /* Business Partners and their assigned payment terms */ SELECT OCTG.PymntGroup, OCRD.* FROM OCRD LEFT OUTER JOIN OCTG ON OCRD.GroupNum = OCTG.GroupNum … Continued

SAP Business One Add Actions to your HANA Dashboards

Are you already using SAP Business One dashboards? If you are, you will be fascinated that there is more information you can gather by adding “Actions” to your dashboards! These actions allow you to quickly gain insight from the data that displays in a dashboard. In the example below, I added the following “Actions” to … Continued