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By Jeff Warwick
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Epicor is getting ready to roll out Epicor ERP Version 10.2 to it’s multi-tenant cloud SaaS customers and will soon make it available to the on-premise population as well.  In preparation for this we have put together this high level list of key new functionality.  It’s not comprehensive as there are hundreds of smaller improvements and bug fixes as well.  The details of all of them will be built into the on-board help.

Epicor 10.2 is a significant release with much request new capabilities helping to further Epicor’s lead, not only in functionality & breadth, but also in technology.  Speak with us about preparing for and assisting with the upgrade to ensure that the upgrade is not only smooth, but also that your team can take maximum advantage of the new capabilities.

Epicor 10.2, Here is what’s New:

  • Mobile CRM for Handhelds
    • A True IOS & Android native client for managing day to day CRM activities on the road with a phone or tablet.
  • Brand new Home Page & Launcher
    • Although the prior ‘classic’ and ’tiled’ views are still available for backward comfort, the new HTML based launcher is completely rebuilt with a fresh look and feel that makes combining traditional Epicor functions and new visuals available in tools like Epicor Data Analytics and Epicor Data Discovery easy.
  • Additional integrations with
  • Epicor Payment Exchange – Although PayPal’s Payflo is still available, this is a much more exchange agnostic solution to credit card processing
  • New MES Tablet & Handheld Security Screen.  Makes setting up and understanding what your users ‘in the shop’ have access to much easier
  • Integration with the new Epicor Field Service Automation Solution (OEM’d from Hitachi Systems)
  • Improved Mattec integration
  • New Pieces per Cycle and Cycles Per Piece settings for Production Standards in your Operations Settings in Methods of Manufacturing (MOM).  This is ideal for companies who do Metal Stamping and Injection Molding
  •  More work done for Country Specific Localization to ensure Epicor complies with the constant changing legal requirements of international finance
  • Posting Rules Customization Enhancements that makes upgrading to new versions of Epicor far less painful if you’ve modified your GL (General Ledger) Posting Rules
  • Multiple Time Zones
    • If you have Epicor being used across time zones (or in the cloud), you can now have the proper times recorded based on the preference of the users versus the location of the App Server.
  • Password & Security improvements.  Makes it easier for end users to change their own password without admin help.
  • Epicor Data Discovery
    • A comprehensive data visualization solution.  Think of it as Dashboard Charts on steroids.  It’s not designed to be a strategic analytics solution, that is what the new Epicor Data Analytics does, but rather a vast improvement to the current dashboard visuals with full drill down to the underlying data as a tactical solution.  Components of EDD can also be embedded easily on the new Home Page as illustrated above.  It’s run on standard Business Activity Queries so those familiar with BAQ’s will find this easy to learn and use.

Once the solution is fully available to us we’ll be posting a full demo over at our free site along with the dozens of other free demonstration and training videos we have there.

If you have any further questions, feel free to hit the chat button below.

Jeff Warwick

Jeff Warwick

Partner, Clients First Business Solutions New Jersey

Jeff Warwick is an experienced partner at Clients First with over 20 years of ERP solution selling under his belt. With his honest approach and fine attention to detail, Jeff has helped hundreds of growing businesses find the right ERP software and technology to last the life of their business. When he’s not driving high impact results for his valued customers, you can find Jeff rocking out on his guitar at his local church!