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By Ryan Howe

SAP Business One 9.0 includes a Service module in order to assist customers in dealing with post sales Services and Support. This allows a seamless management of all Services related activities. This eases the handling of warranty provisions for both serial controlled and non-serial number controlled items. You can now easily trace what customer has what specific item.

SAP Business One 9.0 Service Module has the following sub-modules:

  • Service Call. This sub module is utilized in logging in calls from customers (post-sale), track service and related follow up. Tracked calls can be customer complaints and technical support requests, requests for repair / maintenance and more.
    Here the call details are documented whether the service call was opened due to a phone call, e-mail, or fax, through the Internet, or by any other communication. You can manage your activities (tasks, meetings, or notes related to the service call) while solving the problem. Furthermore, repairs and creation of invoices for expenses related to the service call are easily processed. SAP Business One also allows you to search for solutions to the problem in a solutions knowledge base and record new solutions as needed.
  • Customer Equipment Cards. Customer equipment cards form the database that contains all serial number items that you sold to your customer and for which service can be provided. You can track the history of a specific serial number from the day you sold the item and throughout its entire service period. The customer card can contain information regarding the location of the item, service calls, service contracts, sales information and inventory transaction data. Customer equipment cards can be created automatically by a company level parameter setting for serial number controlled items or a manual creation thru the Customer equipment card window.
  • Service Contract. This feature handles the written agreement between the customer and your company that enables your company to provide maintenance and repair for an item beyond the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. You define the type of service for which the customer is eligible. The service contract sub-module supports contract types by customer, item group or by serial number respectively.
  • Solutions Knowledge Base.  This capability allows the user to be able to maintain a repository of common solutions to customer’s problems and questions. You can also search and display recorded solutions within the SAP Business One 9.0 database. Service calls can be also link to existing solutions or new solutions could be added here due to the arrival of a new service call requiring a new solution not available in the repository yet.
    This allows your Service organization to input a baseline of resolutions for your employees to access during their efforts to support your customers, as well as capture the knowledge that is developed during the process of supporting your customers for re-use on future calls.
  • Service Reports. These are reports on various aspects of company’s after sales support and complaints system. Service reports are automatically generated by SAP Business One 9.0 system. Service reports enable business owners and managers to analyze performance of support staff, get an overview of complaints received, handling time, types of service contracts, etc.

Reports include:

  • Service Calls List
  • Service calls by Queue
  • Response Time by Assigned to (support staff performance)
  • Average Closure time
  • Service Contracts
  • Customer Equipment card Report
  • Service Monitor
  • My Service Calls
  • My Open Service Calls (for support staff to view their open calls)
  • My Overdue Service Calls

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Ryan Howe

Ryan Howe

Partner, Clients First Business Solutions New Jersey

Ryan Howe is a Certified Public Accountant turned SAP Business One consultant. Leading the SAP Business One practice at Clients First, Ryan has over 23 years’ experience in the financial management and ERP industry, specializing in business analysis, relationship building, and business process optimization. When he’s not helping customers leverage SAP Business One to meet their short and long-term needs, you can find him at any Michigan State sporting event with his family – go Spartans!