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By Ryan Howe

SAP Business One 9.0 provides Authorizations and Form Settings to ensure that users see only the data they need and affect changes only in areas where management desires.

Authorizations allow a user to view, create and update documents they’ve been assigned, according to a company’s system definitions.  These definitions can be applied to a specific user or can be copied from one user to another.

Authorizations are configured by navigating to Administration > System Initialization > Authorizations. Select a user, expand the Subject / Module, select the screen / function and select either Full or No Authorization or Read Only.

To copy one user’s permissions to another select the user to copy by selecting the user and holding the mouse key until a rectangle appears.  Copying is accomplished by dragging the rectangle to the target user and releasing the mouse.  A message will appear in order to confirm the Authorizations.  Press OK to complete the operation.

Users can be defined as users or superusers.  Users cannot assign Authorizations to other users, but can perform actions specific to their job.  Superuser can access all SAP Business One Windows and perform all functions within Business One.  They can also limit the authorizations of other users not defined as superusers.

Form Settings allow any user to define the modules and menu options displayed for them.  Users benefit from Form Settings, by allowing them to remove unwanted or irrelevant.  Simply close all active screens and navigate to Window > Form Settings or from the top menu bar, from the Form Settings button.  Check or uncheck the Visible checkbox to add or remove a particular screen from a user’s display.

Form Settings also allow users to arrange fields and rows for the active window.  These are accessible by going to Window > Form Settings or from the top menu bar, from the Form Settings button.  To add or remove field select Table Format and check Visible.  To move a field, simply press and hold the mouse key, then drag that field to the position desired.

By utilizing Authorizations and Form Settings, Administrators and superusers can apply security to who accesses, enters and modifies data while users can configure their own environment to display only the menus, screens and data that are specific to their role.

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Ryan Howe

Ryan Howe

Partner, Clients First Business Solutions New Jersey

Ryan Howe is a Certified Public Accountant turned SAP Business One consultant. Leading the SAP Business One practice at Clients First, Ryan has over 23 years’ experience in the financial management and ERP industry, specializing in business analysis, relationship building, and business process optimization. When he’s not helping customers leverage SAP Business One to meet their short and long-term needs, you can find him at any Michigan State sporting event with his family – go Spartans!