How to Use Cloud ERP to Future Proof Your Business

Cloud computing is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. The cloud has fundamentally changed the way we can do business today. Whether it’s everyday office applications or operational management, there is no denying that moving to the cloud has decreased the barrier to entry for new and growing businesses to leverage and adopt powerful technology that helps them stay competitive and improve productivity. From reducing hardware and maintenance costs to the ease and security of working remotely, the opportunities … Continued

What is the Business Value of Business Intelligence

As companies grow and develop, how they acquire information changes over time. Storing and cataloging all of this information is one thing, finding knowledge from it is another. The more data you collect the more difficult it can be to find relevant insights into your business. You don’t just want to maintain this information, you … Continued

Three Ways An ERP Solution Improves Being a Plastics Distributor

No matter what we use, plastic plays an all-encompassing part in many of our daily routines. This durable material has multiple uses, with manufacturers producing hundreds of components for use in various businesses and industries. But what if you distribute said parts? The Distribution Industry is on an upswing in sales as many firms boost … Continued

What are Dataflows in Power BI

Since Power BI’s release, data has become a familiar topic in business discussions. Information we’ve previously stored is changing the way our companies make major decisions. Each new development transforms how we interpret changing circumstances and facilitate new opportunities for our businesses. The result become better understandings of our firms and a look into where improvements are possible. … Continued

Two Trends Shaping the Chemical Industry

Chemical production has been a significant national and global industry for decades. Some of the largest companies in this field, Dow, DuPont and ExxonMobil have shown remarkably consistent growth. Yet for every one of them, there are many smaller and medium-sized domestic producers. Many owners are now facing a changing world for their firms. While concerning … Continued

Is your ERP Helping or Hindering Your E-Commerce Operations?

The growth of E-commerce has rewritten the books on retail business. In 2017, online E-commerce sales represented 49% of the growth for the retail sector. The result was over $450 billion spent in one year, a six-year high within this industry. With the continued erosion of brick & mortar retail sales in favor of online … Continued

What is ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT)

IoT in a nutshell The Internet of Things (IoT) is a way to connect any device with one another via the internet. In creating these networks, they can exchange data and information with one another in a timely manner. By connecting with each other, this creates a system which intertwines many disparate elements into one. … Continued

How Power BI and OLAP Cubes Improve Your Business

The way businesses use their data has continuously changed. Once, it was acquired and accumulated in your internal servers. Now, such information has taken on an entirely new dimension within day-to-day operations. Data is now becoming part of major decisions undertaken by firms in various industries. To accomplish this, visualization tools are needed to transform how your … Continued