According to the Wall Street Journal, Apax Partners, owner of Epicor Software is looking to sell the company.  It was pretty well known when Apax bought Epicor and Activant a few years back and combined them that it was a relatively short term play to increase the value and then sell the company.

At the time, I was a bit worried as Epicor was one of the few remaining ERP software companies continuing to constantly invest in their solution versus ‘certain’ other solutions that are basically ‘milk the maintenance’ companies that collect annual fees, but invest very little of it back into improving their core products.

As it turns out, the original purchase was brilliant and really improved the overall company and solution.  The original Epicor was always somewhat smaller than the ‘big boys’ like Sage or Microsoft and it takes size and money to compete aggressively in this space.  In addition, Epicor was always known as having some of the best ERP technology but they were hobbled by internal management strife, poor relations between the channel and their direct sal
es force, and due to pressure for sales, shipping software before it was really ready for prime time.

When they merged in the extremely deep and proven management team from Activant, many of them replaced their original Epicor counterparts.  What we saw from the combined entity is a much better overall management team, far more focus on product quality, and a significantly improved Partner Channel program with much better cooperation between direct and partner (VAR) organizations.

Epicor’s recent release of Epicor ERP Version 10 is the pinnacle of that marriage with a solution that is “more Microsoft” than any of Microsoft’s own ERP solutions, is vastly leaner, faster and more scalable than its predecessor and is the pinnacle of modern ERP software design.  It’s literally the worlds largest .net application ever written.

Apax has substantially increased the value of the underlying companies they purchased but over the long haul, they aren’t a software publisher, they are some really smart financial folks that know how to combine efficient management and organizations to increase the overall value and make a fair profit in the process.

We look forward to the next step in this journey now that Epicor has been transformed into, as Gartner puts it, a ‘Visionary’, into a ‘Leader’ with the release of Epicor ERP Version 10.

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