SAP Business One 9.0 focuses on areas of enhancement and new features related to Advanced GL Determinations.  SAP Business One 9.0 (now available) contains enhancements and additions meant to support the growing needs of the small and medium enterprise companies.  So, what’s new in SAP Business One 9.0?

  • Support GL settings for items, item groups, warehouses, BP groups, federal tax ID, ship-to country, ship-to state
  • Supports multi determination criteria with possibility to set priorities for determination criteria as well as for rules
  • Enable tracking by viewing the change log
  • Simple and flexible

As stated in the list above, there are multiple new enhancements to GL Determination in SAP Business One 9.0. These new enhancements and new functionality allow you to have complete control of your accounting records and monetary actions.

The new enhancements allow a company that does work in other countries to specifically set accounts for each of the entities that the company is doing business with. Not only does this functionality allow you to specifically determine the country, but also the tax codes and laws for the country, as well as the shipping information.

Another fundamental enhancement allows the user to set the criteria that determines which GL account a specific transaction should be placed in. These criteria allow the user, who has been granted permission, to determine which certain characteristics label a transaction as one that should be placed in the desired GL Account.

The new functionality also allows the super-users, and those who have been given permission, to see the change log. This change log shows any changes to the fields, showing who changed which fields at what time of which day, and what they changed the field from. For instance if Bob wanted to see which criteria was changed in Item GL Account, he could look in the change log and see that Mike changed printers from one GL Account to another GL account on Wednesday at 12:14 pm.  This gives the company a good audit trail, as well as great sense as to who is making changes.

The functionality of the new enhancements is extremely simple and flexible. The new functionality requires no new training or searching, it can be done simply with a few clicks of the mouse.

For more information on SAP Business One, check out our Blog, What is SAP Business One or for a detailed list of the new features of SAP Business One .  You can also contact Clients First Business Solutions for Support of SAP Business One.  Clients First can be reached by phone at (888) 239-2818.