Shipping now, Sage MAS Intelligence (SMI) which works with MAS 90, MAS 200, Sage Extended Enterprise Suite, and MAS500, is explained and demonstrated in this recording that the California office of Clients First recently put on for our clients. This solution is the replacement for FRx that Sage is offering now that Microsoft has discontinued Frx.
The video explains both the similarities and differences between the previous solution, Microsoft FRx and SMI.
In a nutshell, SMI is a solution that is embedded into Microsoft Excel that can directly read and understand MAS 90/200/500 data files.  It’s designed to walk a user through creating not only financial reports and statements, but other types of non-financial reports such as dashboards, analytics, KPI’s and even traditional reports such as an AR customer aging.
Come watch and listen in this segment which gives an overview and demonstration of the system.  In a forthcoming blog, we will go into a deeper demonstration of the solution so that you will be able to watch these videos and start to feel comfortable managing and designing your own reports.
If you have any questions on this product feel free to call us at 888-222-8827 or contact Jeff Banks at for more information or to arrange a one on one demonstration.

The Clients First MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500 Sage MAS Intelligence video presentation