Thanks to Naeem Sarwar at for this post when people where asking about possible solutions for a Holding company.
I am writing with assumption of, you are still in process of selecting ERP.
I am a Project Manager working with Holding company from last two years. When I joined this Group we I was almost in the same situation to Select ERP. We are in steel trading/ processing, industrial Equipments, Welding Solutions, Valves manufacturing, pipes, Consulting, Hotel, Catering, FMCG Retail/Whole Sale, Trading, Manufacturing and processing.
Now the real challenge was to cover all the business areas with full control and monitoring of all companies. We needed Consolidated Cash flow, Balance Sheets, P&L at Holding company level and accurate sales, purchase Warehouse monitoring at company level with budgetary variance analysis. to achieve these objectives we needed to have a system at transactional level providing data to monitor the business and data for Holding company analysis.
The real challenge was to cover Finance, SCM, CRM, HR, Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Services and Projects efficiently lowering the Cost of ownership and to maintain efficiently.
We evaluated SAP, ORACLE, SAGE and Dynamics AX. We found that MS Dynamics AX covers all of our Business Areas from Procurement to Sales. Manufacturing / Processing for Steel and FMCG Retail / Whole Sale and it also provides Basic BI Built in tools and KPI’s.
Dynamics AX has concept of Dimensional Accounting and Dimensional Warehousing.
Another reason for us to choose AX was the user friendly interface. So we don’t need to invest a lot in user trainings.
The implementation is not complex and because application is simple so therefore we can easily trained in house resources for running and maintaining the system.
We have started the implementation in 4 of our companies simultaneously and so far we are on track.  We prepared many documents like Guidelines and Road map for implementations.