1. BLAZING PERFORMANCE   Increased performance has been one of the key objectives of the Epicor ERP 10 release. Performance can be interpreted as the speed and efficiency with which transactions are processed. Internal testing and feedback from early adopters has shown substantial increases in transactional speed particularly at higher volumes—for example the server response time for purchase orders with a 2000 concurrent user load shows a ten-fold improvement. But performance has other dimensions. Epicor web access users can expect experience a substantial improvement in responsiveness. IT administrators will discover the new tools and workbenches should dramatically improve the speed with which new installations can be spun up and upgrades implemented. Advances in the UI and new solutions such as Epicor Social Enterprise reduce barriers to adoption and increase the speed in which new users become productive users.
  2. PROVEN STABILITY  Epicor ERP 10 has been the subject of the most rigorous quality assurance and beta program in the history of Epicor. The internal system testing and beta program ran for more than 10 months and involved collaborating with Epicor customers around the world. During the course of the development of this release, our focus was on ensuring the highest quality and performance of the new technology stack, and to significantly enhance usability and quality by eliminating over 80% of the issues and performance and significantly enhancing requests. At the same time, we have completed a significant number of the lower priority “nice to haves” that were impacting overall user experience. Our system change request (SCR) backlog is at its lowest level in many years and we are committed to keeping it at, or lower than these levels going forward.
  3. SIMPLICITY AND EASE-OF-USE   Existing customers will notice a significant reduction in the “number of moving parts” and all customers will appreciate the ease-of-use of an array of tools and solutions that underline the streamlining of the new Epicor platform. Most noticeably Epicor ERP 10 features the option of a vibrant new home page using “live tiles”, in addition to the current “classic” menu. The home page of Epicor ERP 10 can easily be configured by each user to contain content such as regularly used forms, links to other applications, reports and active dashboards alongside a live stream from Epicor Social Enterprise. Throughout the application users will find new features such as configurable predictive search, and menu search. Existing features have been simplified and the elimination of the need for replication vastly simplifies the deployment and configuration of many aspects of reporting. IT administrators are now supported by streamlined tools to manage deployment and upgrades making it considerably easier to stay up-to-date.
  4. IMPROVED CALLOBORATION   The explosion in new solutions focused around social collaboration particularly in the consumer environment has led to raised expectations within the business environment. Point solutions are available, but at Epicor we believe the true potential of improved collaboration can only be realized by a more intimate approach. Our solution is to embed Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) into the core of Epicor ERP 10. ESE is a powerful social collaboration environment that keeps your Epicor ERP at the heart of your business conversations. Available in a browser or from within Epicor ERP, ESE is available to every employee allowing non-ERP office users to become directly involved in collaborating around business conversations. Depending on circumstances, examples might include collaborating around a project, a customer incident, a quality issue, a procurement challenge, or a planning event. ESE changes your relationship with ERP, enabling everyone to securely engage within your businesses and leverage ERP to make more informed decisions. Online social engagement reduces the frequency of meetings and improves the speed of decision making, delivering a new level of business efficiency. Activity streams are used to monitor changes, conversations, and discussion topics and can be accessed in a browser or in context of the relevant ERP form. Epicor Enterprise Search delivers the ability to mine the knowledge retained across all Epicor ERP 10, including ESE activity streams.
  5. READY FOR THE FUTURE   We understand the disruption (and opportunity) upgrading can have within a business and have worked to streamline the process as far as practical. We want every Epicor customer to be able to move to this latest release to enjoy the multitude of benefits from improved quality and performance, new capabilities and enhanced solutions.
    We have built Epicor ERP 10 for change and have enhanced tools such as Solution Workbench to enable you to package all your form customizations, menu options, BAQs and dashboard definitions. In addition, Epicor ERP 10 has an embedded solution tracker for further organization and documentation. Once you move to Epicor ERP 10 you will find the tools you need to help you stay on the latest release.
  6. INCREASED DEPLOYMENT FLEXIBILITY   ERP systems were previously deployed almost exclusively in local data centers. Today, there are all kinds of ERP deployment strategies—single-system ERP, cloud-based ERP, operational ERP, Peer ERP and multi-level ERP. Epicor ERP 10 is built on Microsoft .NET®, the Windows Communications Foundation and Microsoft ServiceBus—all of which work together to make sure ERP instances can reliably communicate with each other and client applications in local or widely distributed deployments. Epicor ERP 10 is also certified to run in virtualized environments using Microsoft Hyper-V® or VMWare®, which is one reason it is easily deployed to public clouds resources. You can host the solution for yourself on public cloud resources or using on premise infrastructure. Even if ERP itself is deployed on premise, cloud resources can be useful for managing database backups, hosting companion systems like Epicor Commerce Connect, or even for disaster recovery.
  7. SUPPORT FOR THE MOBILE GENERATION   Increased expectations of mobility have resulted in pressure to support multiple devices throughout the organization. This brings pressure on IT infrastructure and security policies. Epicor ERP 10 is designed to streamline the process to support “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) from the core ERP framework. For Epicor ERP 10, Epicor web access has been re-architected yielding a substantial improvement in performance. We have also expanded the range of solutions designed for mobile access such as time and expense management, field service, Epicor social and mobile eCommerce.
  8. CLOSER TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND SUPPLIERS   Many industries are moving towards a more direct relationship with their end-customers, and many trading partners demand a more direct, intimate relationship. Traditional portals and eCommerce solutions have been a part of the Epicor portfolio for some time, but Epicor ERP 10 takes these to the new heights required by business today. Epicor ERP 10 introduces Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) a powerful yet easily configured collaboration environment for consumers, customers and suppliers. Designed to connect into the popular Magento® ecosystem, ECC provides a rich, secure environment for building clos
    er relationships with customers and suppliers including the ability to expose the powerful Epicor ERP 10 configurator directly to consumers and customers.
  9. ROOM TO EXPAND   The simplification of the Epicor technology stack has resulted in a multitude of benefits.  One notable impact is a substantial improvement in the scalability of the solution, so as your business grows and transaction volumes increase, you will be able to accommodate your business growth with a more efficient use of hardware. Once you move to Epicor ERP 10 you will find considerable scope to be able to expand without testing the limits of your existing hardware investments.
  10. ENHANCED TOOLS   Epicor ERP version 10 is built on the latest version of our innovative business architecture, Epicor ICE. Highlights of the enhanced capabilities in the embedded tools include a new graphical front-end for the popular BPM workflow tool, significant new abilities in BAQ’s, including the capacity to work with external data sources, and new features to simplify the process of creating complex queries such as recursive functions. Furthermore, Epicor ERP 10 introduces a pure Microsoft® stack which opens up the world of in-house development using readily available and widely adopted technical skills.