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We have been thrilled with the support we've received. All system implementations have some hiccups, and Clients First made sure that when this happened, they responded to and solved the problem quickly.
Jose Gallego, Controller, Botkier
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Client Care :: Support

Despite all our best efforts, things can happen. Systems crash, errors occur and you can find yourself in an emergency situation. Every minute spent offline is a dollar lost. The longer it takes to get up and running again, the harder it is to recover. As pressure mounts, frustrations increase and your team is left feeling helpless. Helpless, that is, until you realize you've got Clients First.

Our key support personnel are connected and available to take your call or receive your email, no matter what time it is or where you're located. In fact, we utilize a carefully designed solution that enables us to stay connected to you through real-time wireless email. Failing all else, you've always got our home phone numbers.

Once you've initiated contact our support personnel can quickly and easily access your system via an internet connection and start working on resolving your problem. If we can't reach a resolution quickly and remotely, we will head to your location and troubleshoot from there. We're committed to keeping you up and running at all times, but, in the rare instance something goes awry, we insist on limiting your downtime to the bare minimum. It's just our way.

We are also committed to human contact. We try our best to ensure that our phones are answered by a real person, because in an emergency situation the last thing you want to do is be trapped in the land of automated attendants.

Clients First - dedicated to our clients, dedicated to you.