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Clients First does exactly what their name says. They put the client first. They focus on solving problems, not just making a sale.
Jack Aizenman, CFO, Champion Container
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Our Approach

At Clients First, we take our name seriously. We put our clients' needs ahead of our own and focus on the importance of every project. We embrace technology, and see it as a way to improve business, increase productivity and reduce costs. We believe in the software products we sell and support. But we also believe that you cannot fix what is not broken, and that technology, unlike fashion, should be considered functional and not trendy. That is why we take the time to assess each client environment before moving forward into software selection and implementation.

Our strength lies in understanding the challenges and issues facing medium sized enterprises, in particular distributors and manufacturers. We provide down-to-earth solutions that make a difference. If a new system does not bring you a tangible return on investment, provide operational efficiencies, improve customer service or resolve compliance issues, it is probably not a productive use of your time, money and energy.

Your project team will focus on your success; you will have dedicated support throughout your entire project and into the future. We believe in building relationships for life and in giving each and every client the undivided attention they deserve. We build success for our clients, and we do it one project at a time.