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Clients First didn't just try to sell us software - they took the time to analyze our needs first, and then recommend a solution.
Jose Gallego, Controller, Botkier
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Impact Assessment

Have you considered entering into a technology selection and implementation project without assessing your current technology environment, defining goals, or considering the impact of changing systems? It would be like trying to navigate through a foreign city without a map. Chances are you are going to end up somewhere you do not want to be.

Clients First is dedicated to project success. That means laying a good foundation before embarking on the selection and implementation of a technology solution. That is why we developed our practical, results-oriented Impact Assessment. This upfront assessment gives our clients a clear project definition, a way to measure the success of their project, and a very good idea of what to expect going forward. It allows us to make unbiased software recommendations and, if appropriate, to suggest changes in business processes.

Our Impact Assessment will begin with the most important step - you working with us to define the vision and goals of your business and how your software systems should support them. Then, we will: Along the way, we will work with you to define success criteria and milestones for your project and solution. At the end of the assessment you are left with a clear understanding of the business value your new solution will bring to you.

Think of our Impact Assessment as a map to your success.