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Clients First helped us engineer better business processes first, and installed the software solution that made the most sense second.
Jimmy Witcher, COO, Merrick
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Business Process Improvement

Implementing a new business software system may provide an opportunity to review and optimize your business goals, processes, workflows and performance benchmarks. Utilizing our proven methodology, Clients First process analysts can do just that. We conduct our initial assessment through a series of interviews, document reviews, workflow analysis, and good old-fashioned observation. We ask the important questions, we talk to your customers, vendors and employees and we become outside experts in your business.

Once we thoroughly understand your business processes, we review your business goals and begin to rebuild. We look at where you want to take your business and what you need to do to get there. We mutually determine performance benchmarks and goals, and then work with your team to reengineer your workflow to meet these goals. Finally, we work with you to handle change management, training and software customization to ensure that you are on track to realize the benefits of your new systems.

The end result is that you get a clear vision of your current roadblocks and a plan to put you on the path towards better performance.