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Service Management in SAP Business One

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

YouTube Video for Managing Service In SAP Business One

Not everybody is aware that SAP Business One Provides significant functionality around taking and receiving service calls.

Among the variety of functions it handles, include:

  • Create and Manage Service Calls
  • Use the knowledgebase database to search for solutions to known customer problems
  • Assign technicians and territories to customers
  • Monitor contract terms, renewals and expiration times for particular products
  • Create alerts for your service call durations and volumes when limits are exceeded
  • Use the service monitor to display all open services calls and overdue calls
  • Administer warranty and service information with contracts and customer equipment cards

Although its not the ‘be all to end all’ service management system, as part of a complete integrated Business Management Solution (ERP) like SAP Business One, it will help most companies cope with the service and warranty management side of their businesses.

Here is Richard Duffy doing a very nice 20 minute demonstration on how all this works

MAS 90 New Jersey (MAS200) – A Client Success Story

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Gotham Sales Company

imagesGotham Sales is in the business of eliminating stress. It’s a company that specializes in warranties for all the appliances you buy for your home: refrigerators, dishwashers, television sets, personal computers, and even DVD players and portable stereos. Gotham sells these extended warranties to your local retailer. In addition, Gotham is a manufacturer’s representative for many well-known brands of consumer appliances, including Fedders and AESP Connectivity Products.

The Problem

Several years ago, most of the big appliance manufacturers switched their distribution strategies, to cut out the “middleman.” They started going through direct channels to retailers, eliminating the need for distributors and representatives who had been marketing their products for decades. Firms like Gotham found themselves out in the cold, with large payrolls and expensive mainframes that no longer made sense. Fortunately, Gotham had plenty of warranty work to keep a leaner, meaner business going strong. But the change in corporate direction required a rethinking of the company’s staffing and information systems. Due to layoffs of IS personnel, it suddenly became necessary for non-computer professionals to handle information management. Gotham Sales had been using MAS 90 on their UNIX system and they were very happy with it. But they were worried about how the software would function if they moved to networked PCs.  Could they transfer files without a system failure or loss of data?  Would MAS 90 be hard to learn on Windows?  Would it be as reliable as their old system?

The Answer (more…)