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How Many Companies use Microsoft Dynamics?

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

We often here the question from prospects and others, “How many companies use Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics AX etc.

Well Microsoft has just released its 2015 worldwide breakdown a their Convergence Conference that Clients First is attending.

Here are the numbers:

Microsoft Dynamics® AX 20,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® GP 47,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 110,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® SL 13,500 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 40,000 companies


Dynamics NAV install base

Just with Dynamics NAV alone, over 8,000 companies purchased a new system in the last year as there were only 102,000 last year.

Dynamics AX may have fewer companies using it but they tend to be larger with more user licenses per site.

Dynamics GP and SL are US only solutions and for all intents and purposes, SL is dead as it has shown zero new customers in the last 3 years.  GP, according to Microsoft also shows 0 new customers in the last year.  Obviously there have been new companies buying it but they likely were offset by those abandoning it. Remember, if you own a solution like GP or SL, and are on maintenance, you can get full credit toward a solution like NAV or AX.

It’s our understanding these statistics make Dynamics NAV the most installed and used mid-market ERP system in the world by a decent margin and AX a leader in the upper mid-market as well.

Epicor 9 Performance Tuning

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

How to make sure Epicor 9 is running as fast as possible

We have seen numerous instances in which Epicor in production isn’t always running as fast as it should be.  In many cases this is due to installation or environmental issues that can easily be addressed.

This guide goes through, step and step, in an easy to understand way and will help you tune the performance of your solution to maximize throughput for all your users.

In addition, Clients First offers our Performance Analysis and Correction engagement.  This type of project has us review your hardware, environmental (i.e. SQL Server) and customization environment looking for issues that could impact performance.  Let us know via the chat button below if you need assistance.

Due to contractual obligations, this document is only available to end users of Epicor.  Please click on the chat button below or leave a message with your company info and version and we will send you the password to view the document page.

Once you have the password, click the image below:

Epicor 9 Performance

Epicor 905.700 Schema. What’s changed?

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Below is a document outlining all of the tables of Epicor 905.700 and color coded tables and fields that have been added, changed, or removed as well as tables.

This should be helpful if you are contemplating a 905.6x to 905.7x upgrade and want to know if any of your customizations might be impacted by the upgrade.  If a BAQ, BPM or other customization refer to a table or field name that has been changed or deleted, then obviously it’s something you are going to have to address during your upgrade.

This is a very long document so please keep that in mind.  It’s over 5300 pages!

We hope you find this helpful.

Epicor 905.605 to 905.700 Schema

SAP Business One Starter Package

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Want SAP, but have a Quickbooks Budget?

SAP Business One Starter Package


SAP has a new version of Business One called the Starter Package.  It contains many of the functions of full SAP Professional users, but at a significantly lower initial cost. A detailed breakdown of the functional differences are HERE.

The software is ideal for companies that need more than standard accounting or nonintegrated business software and understand the benefits of a fully integrated business management solution.

Designed for up to five software users, the SAP Business One starter package is ideal for companies that want to achieve greater efficiency, visibility, and control without the worry of having to switch software later as business needs evolve. Plan to grow over time? No problem. You can upgrade to the full version of SAP Business One at any time without having to invest in new software.


Key Features
  • Accounting and financials – Manage your general ledger, journals, and accounts payable and receivable
  • Sales and customer relationship management – Track sales opportunities from first contact to the close of sale, and manage and maintain customer contacts
  • Purchasing and vendor relationship management – Manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns
  • Inventory and distribution – Manage your inventory and operations, including delivery and billing
  • Reporting and administration – Access critical business information to generate timely and accurate reports
Business Benefits
  • Streamline business processes and help ensure efficient and effective operations
  • Meet core business needs in a single, integrated software solution that can be expanded as your business grows
  • Achieve greater peace of mind knowing your business is being supported by SAP
  • Gain faster time to value by using software that can be implemented quickly at a fixed price, requires little maintenance, and minimizes end-user training
  • Maximize your return on investment by beginning with the starter package and upgrading to the extended functionality if needed
Immediate and Long-Term Benefits

Given the limited scope of the software and rapid start implementation, you will be surprised how affordably and quickly you can be up and running.

This is not a replacement for the regular SAP Business One Solution

Remember, you can only buy up to 5 users of this solution and not all 3rd party add-on’s are compatible.  When you get to user #6, you’ll need to upgrade your original 5 to regular SAP Business One Users.  (See HERE for the various License Types)

But this is a great way to get started with a true integrated business solution that can grow with your business as you can afford it.  Click on the Chat function in the lower right to talk to us now if you are interested or have more questions.

SAP Business One Functionality by License Type

Monday, July 30th, 2012

License Type Rights by User Type

Ever wonder exactly what a “Professional User” can do vs. what a “Logistics User” can do?  These are important questions to ask when trying to purchase new or additional licenses to SAP Business one.  The name doesn’t always match up to the expected functionality.

The document below should make it easier for you to see what user types you need to purchase.  Remember, with SAP Business One, users are ‘named’ so for every person that ‘might’ login to your installation, you need to purchase a user license.

You can always upgrade from any limited license to a “Professional User” but can’t combine users types for a “Professional User.”

We hope you find this helpful.  Feel free to contact us with the chat in the lower right corner if you have more questions.

SAP Business One Functionality by Module Type