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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, A look Ahead

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Among Microsoft’s array of ERP solutions, NAV has been the enterprise accounting software of choice by distributors, manufacturers and other organizations alike. Users have come to expect Microsoft to roll out upgrades for these ERP solutions either once a year or every other year.  So for all of you NAV people on 5.0 and 2009-the time has come. NAV has been working on an upgrade since late 2013.  Soon, small and medium sized enterprises will have upgraded features in NAV that will arm them with the tools to move forward in 2015.

NAV 2015

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV team has been hard at work to not only make the ERP solution simpler to use but also to have multi-tenancy and multi-platform capabilities. During the Convergence 2014 presentation in March, Microsoft committed to shipping yearly releases for NAV, beginning with NAV 2015. Also christened “Crete”, the NAV 2015 is expected to undergo partner testing in June and launches in beta for businesses in September.

While Dynamics AX R3 got all the hype for its new capabilities, the NAV 2015 also promises to be packed with a couple of upgrades that will improve business agility among SMBs.

NAV 2015 is built to create a uniform experience across devices. For example, when operating on mobile and other portable devices, it can adjust as a user tilts the device. However, Crete’s main emphasis is on Power Business Intelligence (BI), integration with Office 365 and document reporting.

NAV 2015 Business Intelligence

Big data plays an important role among organizations by enabling them to put the customer at the center of the universe- with central access to customers, suppliers, sales cycles, inventories and other pertinent business processes.  With Big Data becoming not only an advantage-but a necessity for Manufacturers and Distributors competing in the SMB space-it is becoming crucial to capitalize on big data sooner, than later. However, despite the importance and potential of big data, very few organizations are using it to their benefits. It’s estimated that 85% of businesses do not have the capability to harness the power of big data for their operations.

With Crete, Microsoft is focused on helping small businesses tap the full potential of big data insights in their critical business processes. Through Power BI, Crete users will be able to use common tools such as SharePoint, Excel and mobile devices. Some of the key features in the Power BI module include:

i) Power Query – This feature will enable users to access data from public and corporate data sources.

ii) Power Pivot – This module extends the capability of Excel by adding key Performance Indicators (KPIs), hierarchies, custom measures and relationships. Pivot’s in-built memory can store generated models, hence enabling users to analyze millions of data fast.

iii) Power View – Provides interactive views of Excel data or reports in form of charts and graphs for easy understanding.

iv) Power Map – Enables end users to integrate Excel with geospatial data to create a 3D map experience.

Power BI will also be accessible through Windows 8 app-enabled phones, iOS and Android devices.

Apart from introducing new features, Microsoft is also working on technological innovation that will make it less expensive for users to upgrade to NAV 2015 and subsequent versions. Any upgrades after NAV 2015 will be easier to carry out. Users will not feel a big technological shift like has been in the case before.

The Crete is expected to be a major NAV upgrade. After launching Crete, the NAV team will focus more on supporting applications.

Microsoft believes that small businesses also need agile solutions that will solve their problems just like the big companies. Crete will solve many of the problems SMBs face in their daily operations. Crete is poised to have powerful enterprise-comparable features that are quick to deploy and easy to implement.

Epicor Consulting

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Epicor 9 Consulting, Upgrades & Services

Epicor Consulting Services by Clients First Business Solutions
Clients First knows that selecting and implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a major project for a company.  Whether its a replacement for an existing solution or a first time implementation.  Reasons for change can run the gamut and often include supply chain management, sales, customer relationship management issues, support, manufacturing or inventory management.  Companies are looking for increased productivity by having ‘one version of the truth’ throughout the organization.  Disparate systems are the cause of many inefficiencies and customer service failures.  Everybody in the organization should be on the same page.
Our Epicor consultants are highly skilled professionals that are more than just ‘wrench turners’.  Most have been in the very positions they are consulting on from running a manufacturing floor, a sales team or being a CFO and Controller.    To be truly successful in our business, you need to be a business analyst first, and technical consultant second. By utilizing this ‘in the field’ experience we can offering continuous improvement in your business processes by our partnership with your organization. We are one of the first Epicor Authorized Partners to be involved with the Epicor Cloud and SaaS deployment options including Epicor Express and Epicor Cloud.  Along with our EverSafe! Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution, we can ensure that whether you run Epicor locally or in the Cloud, you will never have to deal with business crippling downtime.
We offer access to a broad group of resources located throughout the United States.  A team of over 40 seasoned professionals allows us to address almost every type of company and industry. 
Clients First Business Solutions is perennially in the Top 20 VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) in Accounting Technology’s and Bob Scott’s annual roundup and for good reason.  With 9 physical offices and a leading Epicor Consulting provider, our growth continues by producing results via our exclusive implementation methodology that results in on time & on budget projects.

Key Skills include but not limited to:

  • Manufacture to Order
  • Job Shops
  • Engineer to Order
  • Distribution Industry
  • Wholesale Distribution including both Durable & Non-Durable such as Food Distribution
  • Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)
  • Make to Order & Make to Stock scenarios
  • Configure to Order
  • Inventory & Production Forecasting
  • Costing
  • Production Planning, Scheduling & MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • Case Management & Help Desk
  • Quote & Order Management
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Shipping & Receiving including real time integration to both parcel and common carriers
  • EDI
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable (AR & AP)
  • General Ledger including Financial Reporting Solutions such as XLConnect
  • Service Connect and Business Process Management (BPM) customizations
  • Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Dashboard Design and Creation
  • Business Intelligence including EPM and QlikView for Epicor (our exclusive product)
Come see our skills on display at our free demonstration & training video website at

JobOps for MAS90, MAS200 Sage ERP 100 release 4.4 R4 Coming

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Below just came in from JobOps.  JobOps is our integrated solution for manufacturing in a Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 and Sage ERP 100 environment focusing heavily on Make to Order manufacturing.

JobOps 4.4 R4 release information – early to mid-May, 2012

We have re-written the Crystal File Generation utility to the new Sage Business Object format.  The old Crystal File Generation utility will still be available for a few releases, giving you time to upgrade your reports.  This will probably be removed in version 5.0.  Three big benefits of the Crystal File generation re-write are:

1. Allows the inclusion of Work Ticket UDF’s

2. Report specific Crystal File Generation

3. Total of 2 files rather than 13

There is a more detailed overview within the main page of the Partner Portal.

Work Ticket Printing has also been re-written into the business object and therefore, any custom Work Ticket Forms created in prior versions must be rewritten before going live with JobOps 4.4 R4.  The following Warning has been included as part of the install for 4.4 R4 as an additional reminder:


These changes are important as Job Ops moves forward into the Business Framework and helps in providing for a more customizable solution.

Currently there are still no release dates for a version that is compatible with Sage 100 Premium 4.5 (The new name for MAS 200 SQL).

Setting up ACH Processing in Accounts Payable for MAS 90, MAS 200 & Sage ERP 100

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Electronic Payments in MAS 90, MAS 200 and now Sage ERP 100


Finding all the information necessary to properly configure MAS90, MAS200 & Sage ERP 100 to send out electronic payments from the AP Module may be an effort in futility.  All of the information is out there but it is spread out across various chapters and documents.

We’ve taken this information and put it together logically in the document below.  We hope this helps you send out payments to your vendors electronically.

Dynamics NAV (Navision) – Export to Microsoft Word & Excel with the click of a button

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

You have a form open and you want to copy it over to Excel. Just click a button. Sure, you’ve always been able to copy and paste to Excel from NAV, but now, with the click of a button, the entire form is sent to Excel, including a worksheet for each header tab, plus a worksheet for the data. No selecting the data, no opening Excel, no adding information so you can remember what this data relates to. BAM! It’s done.

The lines of the purchase order are shown in the sample, but note the other tabs that provide header information.

The lines of the purchase order are shown in the sample, but note the other tabs that provide header information.

You want to send a letter to a customer, either hard copy or email. Just open the Customer Card and click on the “Send to Word” button. BAM! It populates the letterhead with your logo, customer address, etc., then all you have to do is type in your message. If you’re the primary salesperson for this customer, your name is also printed at the bottom of the document. Print it, sign it, and mail it; or if you’re using Outlook, just do a send email and send it as an attachment to your customer.


Automatic ‘Send to Excel’ and ‘Send to Word’ capability was introduced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and uses Style Sheets to format the output from almost any NAV form, excluding matrixes, to a Word document or Excel Workbook. Just click a button, and the information will be displayed on a document or spreadsheet that is opened automatically. The output is pre-formatted using the Style Sheets with row header, tab description, field names, etc. inserted for you. It’s a great tool and its uses are only as limited as your imagination.

Don’t like the format of the Word or Excel documents? Clients First will be happy to customize the Style Sheets that create the outputted document for you. Need more Style Sheet options? We’re here to help you out. Are you already on NAV 5.0 or above and clicking on the buttons isn’t doing anything? Call your Support Rep, there is some installation needed to activate this feature.

Already using this functionality and want more control without contacting your Clients First Support Rep? New functionality has been introduced with Version 2.0 of the Style Sheet Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV which provides the end user with tools, including a Style Sheet card/form, which allows you to choose some field and formatting options for documents. Also included are improvements for date formatting, Mail Merge document properties, Style Sheet Tool Objects, and more. This upgrade is only available on NAV 2009 and NAV 5.0 SP1.

Please contact Clients First for more information.  Thanks to Karen Wevick from our Alabama office.