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Editing a BAQ (Business Activity Query) someone else created

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Epicor Quick Tip

The question:

Is there a way that you can edit a BAQ that was created by another user without having to copy the BAQ and renaming it?



In the BAQ Editor, Under action > select change author

Insights 2014 – Epicor Customer Conference

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014


April 27-30, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV



This year the Epicor Insights 2014 is being held in Las Vegas, NV.     Epicor Insights is a yearly gathering of over 4000 Epicor Customers, Epicor Partners, and Epicor Employees.   The Epicor conference is hosted by the Epicor Users Group and Epicor Corporation.


Why should your company send people to Insights?

·         Insights is an excellent education opportunity.

o   Classes – Dozens of 60-90 minute classes are held.  These classes are interactive and allow questions.   These classes are given by other Epicor Customers, Epicor Partners, and Epicor Employees.

o   Hands-On Labs – The labs are more detailed and hands-on with lab exercises to enter into Epicor and view the results.   Two people share a computer to perform the exercises.

o   Extended Educations Session-These sessions are offered the Saturday and Sunday prior to the conference.   These sessions are much more in-depth than the conference labs.    Each of these training sessions cost an additional $250 over the cost of the conference.  Smaller class size, product-specific training with access to technical experts.

o   Solutions Pavilion – A room where Epicor and the Epicor Alliance partners demo solutions that extend the Epicor application.    This is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with personnel to answer your business and technical questions.    During pavilion hours it can be quite busy.  If it is to busy, request an meeting with the person during non-pavilion hours.


Getting Financing–How a New ERP System Can Help

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Enterprise Accounting SoftwareThis article on our Microsoft Dynamics AX site is actually a applicable to anybody considering purchasing any new ERP system.

It discusses the benefits of how a modern ERP solution can significantly impact how your bank and other financial backers view your business and can increase the odds of you getting the financing you are looking for.

I’ve seen numerous companies over the years struggle with financing where a big factor was their use of QuickBooks which doesn’t follow GAAP principals.  It’s ‘loosy goosy’ features, that end users love, make accountants and bankers cringe. The ability to ‘cook the books’ with low end solutions like that often give financial institutions pause, even if you are actually clean as a whistle.

Here is the full blog post:

Getting Financing due to a Modern ERP System

Technology Can’t Solve all Business Problems

Friday, June 21st, 2013

By Mark Chinsky

It is a common problem that seems to course through every consulting business. A consultant works on the client’s problem but implementing a new technology solution, only to discover that technology was only part of the original problem, and that it is personnel issues that are really at fault. When we rely too much on technology, it opens the doors for a whole slew of problems. Here is a closer look at some of the problems surrounding technology.

  1. It can’t make employees more efficient. Yes, the right technology can help make the work easier, but if an employee is truly falling behind or is just inefficient, all the technology in the world will not remedy the situation. The truth is that such employees are often inefficient due to either inexperience or laziness. The unwillingness to use new technology only heightens an already present problem. Adding new, faster technology will not fix the problem.
  2. It can’t improve communication. In some work places, there may be departments that do not communicate well with other departments. Using technology to find new ways to force these departments to communicate may fix the problem for a short period of time, but it is merely a bandage. While a new piece of technology may make it easier for these departments to communicate when it is necessary, it does not address the underlying problem. A better solution is sitting the departments down together and talking about the problem so that there can be a real solution.
  3. It won’t make up for a shortage of resources. Technology can make your workers more efficient, by supplying the necessary means to work better. However, if cannot make up for a limited number of staff. While the right technology can make the job of your current employees easier, if there simply aren’t enough people to handle the work load, technology won’t be able to fix everything.
  4. It can’t force employees to change. Technology is good for helping with change, not forcing it. Many business owners think that implementing new technology will result in big and better things. The truth is that if the wheels aren’t already in motion for a change, technology isn’t going to make change happen.

Technology is a good tool for improving businesses; however, there is only so much it can do. The success of using technology is to understand that it isn’t the whole solution. Rather, it is a merely part of a whole. The business and its employees must also be willing to work with that technology to achieve the desired goal.

Epicor Business Logic Tester–A little known feature

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

How to Test your Epicor Customizations against the Business Logic and Business Objects

A little known utility sits uninstalled on your Epicor Server.  In the epicor905/utility folder you will find setup files for a program called “BL Tester” for Business Logic Tester.

When you first run the application after installation, you will have to select which Epicor server you are connecting to.  Then you can click File>Open and select the .dll file for the business object you want to test with.  One example might be Epicor.MFG.BO.SalesOrder.dll .  Then you can use the BL Tester and specify the various parameters and call the business object’s method.

An example might be call ‘SalesOrder.GetRows’, and then specify various where conditions.  After you click the Invoke button, the BL Tester will then show you the result of calling the method, which is usually a dataset.  It will show this in a tree view control

We hope you find this tip helpful!