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SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

SAP Reporting Help is here.


By deeply integrating SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports into SAP Business One, companies now have the ability to get advanced reporting to make quick decisions based on business growth opportunities.  Previously this would have required custom programmers to be hired for each unique report needed.

Directly within SAP Business One you can now embed SAP Crystal reports such as sales analysis, purchasing reports, inventory availability besides the myriad of built in ready made reports.  These reports can combine data from User Defined Fields allowing significant customization power.  For example, you could add a UDF (User Defined Field) to the Vendor Record and Item Record and when combined together via Crystal, you could handle Royalty calculations which historically would have required a customization.  SAP Provides numerous Crystal Reports out of the box and all of the standard forms such as Sales Orders & Invoices are available in a Crystal version for rapid customization.

Crystal Reports are pulled from real time live data from various parts of your business including production, inventory, service, operations, accounting, sales, purchasing etc.

The presentation formats available are flexible.  Reports can include Drill-Downs to details for example.  So you could create a summarized Accounts Receivable (AR) Aging report that shows one line per customer but you can drill and see a separate row for each open invoice.  An exclusive feature to SAP is the ability to add a link to a row back into SAP such that an arrow appears on a specific invoice in the report which when clicked will open up the actual invoice in SAP Business One for review or editing where applicable.

Reports can include rich graphs, maps and pivot tables. They can also be exported in a variety of formats including Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, RTF (Rich Text Format) and XML. 

Together, SAP Business One and SAP Crystal Reports deliver the tools to create customized reports to enable your business with:

  • Better access to important information specific to your business and customers in the right format whenever you need it.
  • Faster and better decision making thanks to timely and accurate reports based on important data across operations, sales, financials, customers, inventory service production etc.
  • Cost savings resulting from reduced time and effort required to generate reports and reduced dependence on your IT department or external consultants.  Historically many businesses had to manually compile this kind of data in Excel.

For more information, review the brochure below and if you want assistance in installing or using Crystal, click the chat button now.

Reporting and Business Intelligence in Sap Business One

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