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MAS 90 and MAS 200 – Why your Purchases Clearing Account may not balance to your General Ledger.

balance Here are five possible reasons your purchases clearing account in the MAS90 or MAS200 Purchase Order Module (PO) may not tie out.

1. A Journal Entry made to your purchases clearing was made directly through a GL journal entry or Transaction Journal entry.  Thus…

  • PO module won’t know

2. The Invoice is received and entered into Accounts Payable, either posting or not posting to the Purchases
Clearing Account, Thus…

  • PO module won’t know

3. A receipt entry is done in Inventory, and hasn’t been cleared through a PO receipt of goods,


  • PO module won’t know

4. A Receipt of Goods is done at one cost, and a partial Receipt of Invoice is done at different cost.  This can get tricker.


  • The variance will recognized when final Receipt of Invoice is done – and will post to the PO Variance account in the Product Line

5. After the Receipt of Goods the cost on the Purchase Order is modified by somebody

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