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Switched from Hotmail to and now Outlook won’t login with your old Outlook Hotmail Connector?

Microsoft previews the new

If you’ve been a user of Hotmail (gulp, I admit I am on) you know that its actually been improving dramatically over the last few years.  Many gave up long ago when it was slow and clumsy and ‘uncool’ compared to Gmail.  Microsoft has slowly but steadily improving it.

Recently they completely rebranded it and created a completely new User Interface.  It’s now known as (You can still use as well).

If you choose to move to the new interface, all of your existing email, and settings comes along and by default your email account is still (Where ‘xyz’ is your email name)

They give you a cool option to change that to while still allowing to be delivered to you.  You have the choice of having email from both merge into none inbox or keeping them separate.

One feature Hotmail (and now has had for awhile is Alias’s.  You can create up to 5 additional email addresses that all still feed to your primary account.

Problem with Outlook Plug-in.

Outlook for the Desktop (part of Microsoft Office) had gotten a slick Connector about 2 years ago that allowed your Hotmail account to be manageable within Outlook as a separate series of folders.  It works just as well as when Outlook is connected to Exchange.

Microsoft hasn’t yet rebranded or released a new version of this connector (keep in mind is still technically ‘beta).  However, if you keep your originally address, all still works perfectly.  However, if you switch to, your Outlook plug-in will attempt to login with your prior and not be able to login.  It will present you with a screen to enter your password.

However, the user id of is NOT editable.  It took me about an hour to figure this out.  Hopefully this helps you.  Changing this user ID turned out to be simple.

  1. Completely quit Outlook.  Give it a few seconds to fully shut down.
  2. Go into your Control Panel and locate the Mail Control Panel App.
  3. Click on “E-Mail Accounts”
  4. Double Click the ‘’ row
  5. Now change the E-mail Address to ‘’
    1. If you want to change how it appears in outlook, so it says click the Advanced button
    2. In the bottom portion of the screen under Mail Account, change to
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Close, then Click Close again.
  8. Re-open your MS Office Outlook desktop application and all should be good!

I hope you found this helpful and it should save you the frustration I found.  My guess is this is going to become a common issue as people become aware of and run into this issue.

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