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Dynamics NAV (Navision) – Export to Microsoft Word & Excel with the click of a button

You have a form open and you want to copy it over to Excel. Just click a button. Sure, you’ve always been able to copy and paste to Excel from NAV, but now, with the click of a button, the entire form is sent to Excel, including a worksheet for each header tab, plus a worksheet for the data. No selecting the data, no opening Excel, no adding information so you can remember what this data relates to. BAM! It’s done.

The lines of the purchase order are shown in the sample, but note the other tabs that provide header information.

The lines of the purchase order are shown in the sample, but note the other tabs that provide header information.

You want to send a letter to a customer, either hard copy or email. Just open the Customer Card and click on the “Send to Word” button. BAM! It populates the letterhead with your logo, customer address, etc., then all you have to do is type in your message. If you’re the primary salesperson for this customer, your name is also printed at the bottom of the document. Print it, sign it, and mail it; or if you’re using Outlook, just do a send email and send it as an attachment to your customer.


Automatic ‘Send to Excel’ and ‘Send to Word’ capability was introduced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and uses Style Sheets to format the output from almost any NAV form, excluding matrixes, to a Word document or Excel Workbook. Just click a button, and the information will be displayed on a document or spreadsheet that is opened automatically. The output is pre-formatted using the Style Sheets with row header, tab description, field names, etc. inserted for you. It’s a great tool and its uses are only as limited as your imagination.

Don’t like the format of the Word or Excel documents? Clients First will be happy to customize the Style Sheets that create the outputted document for you. Need more Style Sheet options? We’re here to help you out. Are you already on NAV 5.0 or above and clicking on the buttons isn’t doing anything? Call your Support Rep, there is some installation needed to activate this feature.

Already using this functionality and want more control without contacting your Clients First Support Rep? New functionality has been introduced with Version 2.0 of the Style Sheet Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV which provides the end user with tools, including a Style Sheet card/form, which allows you to choose some field and formatting options for documents. Also included are improvements for date formatting, Mail Merge document properties, Style Sheet Tool Objects, and more. This upgrade is only available on NAV 2009 and NAV 5.0 SP1.

Please contact Clients First for more information.  Thanks to Karen Wevick from our Alabama office.

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