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Epicor Insights 2012 Recap Highlights

Clients First Business Solutions Attends the 2012 Epicor Insights Customer and Partner Conference

Epicor Insights 2012 concluded Wednesday, May 9 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This was the first joint conference with customers from both heritage Epicor and heritage Activant. It was announced there was over 4000 people in attendance. Overall the conference was a success. It was announced the next conference will also be a combined conference and will be in Nashville. At that point Epicor will decide to split the conference or keep it combined in the future. The statements below were announced at the conference.

1. Epicor ERP 9.05.700 GA announced.

  • Epicor said they put 50 man years into this release. Prior releases had around 13 man years.
  • Epicor ERP 9.05.700 is faster than prior releases. Epicor understands the product still needs to be faster. This will be a goal of future releases. New standards have been implemented that in the future software will not be release that is slower than the current version.
  • Epicor ERP 9.05.700 is much more stable than prior releases. Epicor understand the product still needs to be better. This will be a goal of future releases. New standards have been implemented that in the future software will not be released with any known problems.
  • Six customers have already implemented Epicor 9.05.700 and in interviews are very happy with the 700 release.
  • New Replenishment Workbench functionality designed to meet the needs of the supply chain and distribution.
  • The ability to support co-products and bi-products when completing a job and properly handling costing.  This is important for a variety of industries.  For example, if you are stamping metal from a mold and get a left and a right side part, the 2 co-products can properly be accounted for.

2. Future Epicor ICE 3.0 will support the Microsoft Window Azure and SQL Azure.

The Azure platform offers the following benefits:

  • Open and flexible cloud platform
  • Applications can be built quickly
  • Applications can be delivered virtually any place on any device.
  • Applications can be scaled to any capacity.  Microsoft has built some of the largest data centers on earth.  Rivaling even Google’s centers.
  • The Epicor ICE platform will be integrated to some of the other Epicor products

3. Epicor Social is nearing release

Epicor will soon be releasing a new module that will eventually be available for most of their products with initial release targeted at the Flagship Epicor 9 solution.  We are huge proponents of using Social concepts, like those you may be used to with Facebook, in a business environment.  We have been using solutions like Socialcast ( to build communities among VAR’s and partners.

Epicor is bringing this ability WITHIN the ERP system.  This means you can ‘follow’ a customer as a salesperson.  You then would see a Twitter like stream of activity that happens to that customer such as new orders placed, credit holds, shipments, CRM calls etc.  You then could comment on any of this, including referencing other employees and have collaborative conversations around the customer, a particular order, quote etc.  All avoiding the email mess we all see today where all the information is locked away in individual’s inboxes.

4. Epicor has implemented a Six-Sigma continuous improvement program.

  • Epicor has started a continuous improvement program to improve the company processes.

From our observations and talking with executive management, we feel that this is a new Epicor.  Epicor had always been a leader in the industry with the latest technology but had been lacking in product quality discipline and a strong productive corporate culture.  The new merged organizations is a place that strives to be a “Best Workplace” and they know that quality of the solution is critical to long term success.  The 700 release looks to prove this out very well and we know will be a welcome change to existing and prospective customers of Epicor 9 and beyond.

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