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Epicor Insights… Time is running out, make your plans now!

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Insights 2017—Epicor Customer Conference

May 22-25, 2017      Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Nashville, TN

Make your plans now, you are running out of time:

This year the Epicor Insights 2017 is being held in Nashville, TN.     Epicor Insights is a yearly gathering of over 4000 Epicor Customers, Epicor Partners, and Epicor Employees.   The Epicor conference is hosted by the Epicor Users Group and Epicor Corporation.

Why should your company send people to Insights?

  • Insights is an excellent education opportunity with all of the following brought together in one location:
    • Classes – Dozens of 60-90 minute classes are held. These classes are interactive and allow questions.   These classes are given by other Epicor Customers, Epicor Partners, and Epicor Employees.
    • Hands-On Labs – The labs are more detailed and hands-on with lab exercises to enter into Epicor and view the results. Two people share a computer to perform the exercises.
    • Extended Educations Session-These sessions are offered the Saturday and Sunday prior to the conference. These sessions are much more in-depth than the conference labs.    Each of these training sessions cost an additional $260 over the cost of the conference.  Smaller class size, product-specific training with access to technical experts.
    • Solutions Pavilion – A room where Epicor and the Epicor Alliance partners demo solutions that extend the Epicor application. This is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with personnel to answer your business and technical questions.    During pavilion hours it can be quite busy.  If it is too busy, request a meeting with the person during non-pavilion hours.
    • If your company is running an older version of Vista/Vantage or Epicor 9 this is an excellent opportunity to see the latest Epicor 10 version.
    • Calculate the cost of independent research vs. getting real-time solutions at the conference that can be implemented immediately.
    • Discount if you register four or more employees from your company
    • Opportunity to schedule One-on-One meetings with Epicor executives and subject matter experts.
  • Insights is an excellent networking opportunity.
    • The Insight conference is set up as a conference inside a conference.
      • Attendees are given color coded lanyards to identify the specific Epicor product used. This allows attendees to quickly identify people running the same software.
      • Breakfast and Lunch tables are separated so attendees can sit with people using the same Epicor product.
    • Social networking.
      • In a short amount of time you will meet other attendees using the same Epicor product that you are.
      • From questions asked in classes you will identify attendees having some of the same issues that your company is having. You will also be able to identify the attendees that have found solutions for some of these issues.   After the class, many impromptu meetings are held in the hallways based on these questions.
      • Chance to meet Epicor employees that you may have only talked to on the phone.

The Agenda Builder portal is now available to start creating you conference agenda.    The Agenda Builder App is available to download.  With this App you can use your smartphone/iPad while at the conference to:

  • Go to your preselected classes and receive any last minute Conference changes/announcements
  • Connect with fellow attendees and exhibitors
  • Download presentations and documents


For more details go to

Epicor Summits…Coming to a Town Near You.

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Are you setup for growth for the future?  If you are an Epicor ERP, Vantage or Vista customer, you have been invited to a regional Epicor Summit.  You’ll now have the chance to see the latest Epicor ERP 10.1.500 release likely within driving distance.

This year’s summit will take place at 10 locations throughout the US & Canada during the weeks of November, 7th, November 14th and December 5th.  They will let you understand how upgrading your solution will protect your company while minimizing risk, effort and cost.


Be sure to mention Clients First Business Solutions as to how you heard about this when you register drop us a note in the chat below so we can look for you if we are at the event you are attending.

Click HERE to register.


Announcing Cutting Edge Marketing, a Clients First division

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Clients first is announcing our Cutting Edge Marketing division.  This business unit is focused on providing an increased suite of services to our clients and future clients.  The services offering is around Online Video, Internet and Social Media marketing.

Below is our formal press release on the new unit.  Click on the Video below to get an overview on the new unit.

Cutting Edge Marketing Press Release by Mark Chinsky

WEBINAR: The High Cost of Using Old Technology

Thursday, April 5th, 2012
  • Do you know what it costs to run your business using old or outdated technologies?
  • Do you understand the risks you face using systems that are becoming obsolete?
  • Have you considered all the benefits of switching to a system which can help automate more of your processes?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then our webinar on The High Cost of Using Old Technology was made for you.

Many distributors believe they can continue operating with a patchwork of disparate systems, bridged by manual processes and spreadsheets. The fact is, systems like that only provide half the picture, and operating with inaccurate data means making poor decisions. You’re giving customers a reason to go to the competition and you might not even know it.

By attending our FREE Webinar you will learn how you can:

  • Recoup the cost of a new system faster and easier than you expected
  • Experience benefits you’ve never considered by switching to a new solution
  • Lower your operating expenses while increasing profits
  • Avoid extinction by limiting your risks and improving your competitive advantage

Join NAV-X and Effective Inventory Management expert Jon Schreibfeder for our FREE Webinar. Register today!

May 1, 2012 at 12:00pm EST

Don’t give your competitors an advantage. Consider the cost of doing business the old way and avoid becoming a distribution dinosaur by considering what new technology can offer.

Jon Schreibfeder brings over 30 years of experience in the distribution industry to NAV-X. He has helped more than 2,000 firms improve their productivity and profitability through better inventory management. Author of a series of books and articles on Achieving Effective Inventory Management, Jon is considered the go-to inventory management guru of this era.

Complying with PCI-DSS using Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Do you process credit cards?  Do you use an integrated solution with Sage MAS90 or MAS200?

Sage North America has recently created a portal specific to this issue.  Starting on July 1, 2010, all companies that store, process or transmit cardholder data must be PCI-DSS compliant.  These new standards were created by an industry board (PCI Security Standards Council) to facilitate global adoption of consistent data security standards.  It’s also known as PA-DSS.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the almost daily cases of companies computers getting hacked and credit card information being stolen.  In older versions of MAS90/200, credit card data was merely stored like any other data and displayed on the screen for all to see.  An employee could easily make note of these numbers or extract them to a file for illicit purposes.  Over the years Sage has cracked down on how this data is both stored and displayed to make it more secure, including encrypting the data and only showing the last 4 digits of the number.