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Clients First are the right people with the right attitude when it comes to management solutions. They work with you to first understand your business needs, and then to come up with a solution.
Antonio Rico, President, ESEI
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About Us

At Clients First we think about more than technology. We think about people, and their business. Even the best financial and business management software systems must be implemented by individuals with the right information, tools, and training to effectively apply them. We believe in listening to our clients, and in delivering the best possible accounting information systems to cost effectively manage their accounting, business and financial management needs.

Choosing software is not the first step to a successful implementation. The first step is to identify your business goals, such as increasing revenue and improving cash flow. We specialize in the distribution and manufacturing industries and are well versed on the pain points you feel and how best to address them. Armed with knowledge and information about your business, we are able to make educated and confident recommendations regarding the best financial management and accounting information systems to achieve your desired outcomes.

After assessing your technology needs, evaluating time and budget constraints, and determining the required functionality, we effectively implement the chosen software system to meet your business goals. We keep you fully informed throughout the process, eliminating the potential for surprises or disappointments, and increasing the chance for project success.

The end result? You get better access to your financial and business information through a practical software system that has the functionality you need, at the price you want, with none of the fluff.